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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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My tweets
  • Sun, 12:24: Almost gave myself a heartattack. I saw 2 charges on bank account that I thought were frauds, but after a minute rememberered what they were
  • Sun, 20:32: Wowie. 1 month from today I will be in Minnesota for the first time in over ten years! So excited. But so nervous to leave Rogue for so long
  • Sun, 20:32: I know she will be fine... I'm just a worry wart.
  • Sun, 23:32: I hate when I'm tired as heck but cannot fall asleep no matter how hard I try. Grr.
  • Mon, 06:22: I'm at @DunkinDonuts in Oak Ridge, NJ https://t.co/pCnQydhKtw
  • Mon, 06:42: I'm at Work in NJ https://t.co/QHclfNsLco
  • Mon, 08:31: First day back after my mini vacation and no one is in today. Nice way to ease back into the work week.