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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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  • Mon, 13:36: Check out @100freebooks - Earn free Amazon GCs just by discovering #FREE #Kindle #Books - for realsies. http://t.co/S1qO7hQ2
  • Mon, 14:05: eek. the guy on News12 says that he expects at some point 80% of NJ to be without power. Oh please don't let me be one of them! haha
  • Mon, 16:25: five more minutes of "work". lol
  • Mon, 16:43: Even with as crazy as this wind and rain has been all day, Sandy still hasn't actually hit us yet.
  • Mon, 16:59: Bye bye power. :(
  • Mon, 17:29: Oops. Just realized I forgot to unforward my work phone earlier. Now it will just keep going to home voicemail since power is out
  • Mon, 18:16: Holy crapola... The power came back on....
  • Mon, 18:34: I thought it was windy all day today... Silly me. That was a mild breeze compared to what it is doing out there now.
  • Mon, 18:39: 7007 houses in my town without power... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  • Mon, 18:45: ok, power is back. don't know how long it'll stay. first thing I did was run to use the bathroom before it goes out and I can't flush. ha!
  • Mon, 19:02: another telework day tomorrow! Office is closed.
  • Mon, 19:07: and power goes bye-bye again... followed by large THUD of tree limb hitting the roof. This weather is Likely to give me a heart attack!
  • Mon, 19:35: I want my power back... At least long enough to make some more coffee lol
  • Mon, 19:36: I'm not going to be able to watch The Voice! :( Damn you Sandy!
  • Mon, 20:08: A part of me just wants to drink until the blackout's fun... Then I realize just how much I would have to pee if I did that. And can't flush
  • Mon, 20:49: Whoa baby. With the intensity that the wind is now blowing, I'm half expecting my windows to all implode.
  • Mon, 20:53: RT @News12NJ: JCP&L: As of 8:49pm 655,092 customers without power.
  • Mon, 21:07: Ooh the radio station is playing Wilson Phillips "Hold On". Haven't heard this song in ages.
  • Mon, 21:12: Draining my laptop battery to charge my phone. If it was light outside I would charge phone in car but I'm not going out there in this mess.
  • Mon, 21:38: Aww. RT @joshgroban: Shout out to all the scared pets! Hang tight little creatures!! #sandy
  • Mon, 21:39: Lol now they are playing Backstreet Boys on the radio. Another song I haven't heard in eons.
  • Mon, 22:58: Ok radio is playing "She's like the Wind". Is that supposed to be funny? Lol
  • Tue, 07:32: Not surprised that I still have no power but was hoping it would be back. Oh well. No work for me! Back to bed. afraid to look outside yet
  • Tue, 07:32: RT @News12NJ: ,@govchristie says 2.4 million without power in NJ. 95% of Newark without power. #sandy
  • Tue, 11:46: It's going to be so much fun throwing out all my food that I spent my hard earned money on. I just filled my fridge & freezer last week.