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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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My tweets
  • Wed, 12:33: I am going to throw my laptop and cellphone out the window.
  • Wed, 14:41: Waiting for lab results at the vet. Poor pups got prodded in places I wouldn't want prodded!
  • Wed, 18:23: Well I give up. My stupid laptop has official driven me insane. It's only 9 months old and has gone kaput.
  • Wed, 20:49: Lovely. In the past 20 minutes Cheyenne has thrown up 8 times all over the carpet and couch. I am officially all out of paper towels
  • Wed, 20:59: Called the vet's office. Left msg for vet, in meantime tech told me to not let Cheyenne have any more food or water. And watch her til tom.