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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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My tweets
  • Mon, 20:01: Watching The Voice with Viggle Mon | 8PM | NBC Get real rewards just for watching TV. #TheVoice #viggle
  • Mon, 20:02: shhh... The Voice is on. Don't bother me! lol This is a really good season!
  • Mon, 20:27: Boo. hate when I want to vote for someone on The Voice & then they go & sing a song I can't stand! Don't wanna buy that song! :( But i will
  • Mon, 20:29: I don't like In Your Eyes, but I have to admit that @Luccadoes makes it more enjoyable than the original! *just my opinion*
  • Mon, 20:36: This is another song that I can't stand the original, but this version doesn't make my ears hurt.
  • Mon, 22:03: Watching Hawaii Five-0 with Viggle Mon | 10PM | CBS Get real rewards just for watching TV. #H50 #viggle
  • Tue, 06:43: I'm at Work (NJ) http://t.co/T3OqY5hR
  • Tue, 07:04: I am way beyond tired this morning. I can feel my eyeballs trying to drift closed.