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Think a thunk with me

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I won!
I love winning things... and I love winning books most of all! Ok, maybe I'd enjoy winning money more, but that never happens to me so I'm quite happy when I win a book. Especially when it's an awesome one!

I won from right here on LJ through p_n_elrod's journal. And the book arrived today! It's really cool because it's in FRENCH! I don't know how much my high school and college French have stuck with me, but I'm eager to give it a try. And it's extra cool because the book is autographed by P.N. Elrod and Rachel Caine. ANd I love the little vampire smiley face drawn on the envelope.

I've been having a bummer of a couple months (years) but that perked me up and made my day... here's some pictures of my win!

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I'm greene with envy!!! That's soooooo cool! :)


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