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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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My tweets
  • Wed, 14:01: I feel like crap. I'm sleepy and achy and wanna go home. Ever since spending time in damp frozen house Sunday I keep feeling worse.
  • Wed, 15:38: Turns out service people have been out at house this week and have left me multiple messages. My iPhone isn't showing voicemails rec'd. :(
  • Wed, 16:33: Got all the way to my car to realize I left my phone inside. Duh
  • Wed, 16:55: I'm at My Cozy Place In Cozy Lake (Oak Ridge, NJ) http://t.co/h9vM9eCm
  • Wed, 18:01: Woof! just scored a free #dogtested blanket from @Subaru_USA! See if you can too on @Klout or check out their FB page! http://t.co/jewtdCRu
  • Wed, 19:10: Ugh! Why is it when I find a new favorite tea I adore, it turns out it is now discontinued! Teavana's Thousand Mountain Jasmine.
  • Wed, 19:15: Shall have to savor the little bit of it that I have left and make it last for as long as I can.
  • Wed, 20:19: Super Bowl Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes http://t.co/i7mrEGtI via @shespeaksup
  • Wed, 20:43: Oh that Star Wars dog commercial for VW just amuses me so. And it amuses Cheyenne too. Her little head is going to twist right off! haha
  • Wed, 20:50: Love the Audi/Vampire commercial! Too funny.