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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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Мои твиты
  • Пт, 14:03: Never thought i'd do it... but I just ordered an iPhone. My Droid pissed me off for the last time & Verizon let me transfer upgrade from tab
  • Пт, 14:36: Had a minute of orderer's remorse when my Droid started behaving but that didn't last. Now it is pissing me off again. Grr.
  • Пт, 17:08: Don't know why but I bought champagne for NYE, but now I need someone to come over cuzI don't know howto open bottle without losing an eye.
  • Пт, 17:20: I'm watching A Christmas Memory http://t.co/XyZBXbCA @GetGlue #AChristmasMemory
  • Сб, 00:43: After all these months of living here, I have finally taken time to hook up the PS3 five mins ago. Maybe next May I'll do the Wii