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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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Tweets for Today
  • 06:41 $3.23 (@ Woroco Gas Station) t.co/dPy8mWm7 #
  • 06:42 I am soooo sleepy. Hope this day goes fast so I can get to the boring long weekend ahead. #
  • 06:52 Thinking about using my free 59 minutes tonight to start the 4day weekend early. (@ Work) t.co/HEYk1Zja #
  • 08:25 @gianinal I only had the 1st iPod because Ron chose it & iPod Touch cuz Corey & B gave it to me. Otherwise I never would have picked Apple #
  • 10:09 Mmm... spiced apple cider tea. #
  • 10:31 @gianinal to be honest I don't even use mine & haven't for music in eons.. well, I do use it just for one game that isn't on android yet. #
  • 11:12 Why is it when I really need to rant about something on LJ it is always down and down for hours and hours. Grrrrr. #
  • 12:10 I'm at Subway (350 N Main St, Wharton) t.co/ciMflz14 #
  • 13:04 I'm at Work t.co/SCLG8fIu #
  • 14:26 Grrrr... #
  • 14:39 Fire drill #
  • 14:54 My boss is doing some serious string pulling to try and get me transferred with him when his rotation is up here at the end of the month :-D #
  • 15:40 Wtf. Still can't post to LJ??? This is ticking me off. #
  • 16:58 Just enough time to take dogs for walk, grab a quick munchy and head to bowling. (@ My Cozy Place In Cozy Lake) t.co/jkKwIZ3D #
  • 18:07 Watch out pins, here I come... (@ Sparta Lanes) t.co/MjGh1BSc #
  • 21:19 Just about time to go to sleep. Almost forgot I have appt in morning for oil change. (@ My Cozy Place In Cozy Lake) t.co/WCW0MQim #
  • 21:53 Want to get fit at home? Check out the Top 10 At Home Exercises and you'll want to flaunt that bod in no time! lx.im/1rqnG #
  • 22:52 What was I thinking when I made my oil change appt for tomorrow morning? Why didn't I make it in. The afternoon? Silly me. #
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