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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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Back to reality...
I'm back... back at work. Bah
humbug. Actually in one way I am glad to be back and returned to a day-to-day routine. But I'm going to miss my grandma and had so much fun with her over the past 5 days. I wish she didn't have to ever go back to Minnesota. It is making me more and more determined to move back there myself. I don't know if it'll ever happen, but I think next year I might seriously start looking at job offerings up that way (if any open up) that I can transfer to. We'll see. Maybe over the next few months I'll change my mind for the hundredth time and want to stay in NJ.
The past 5 days were jam packed with doing stuff. I feel like now that I'm back at work I can finally relax. ha. My grandma is awesome and she needs to visit more often. I took a half day last Tuesday to go with my mom to the airport to pick grandma up. Although her flight ended up being delayed so I could have used less time, but it's okay. Everything worked out. That night we tried to go to
Blackthorn for dinner but they were way too packed, so my stepdad suggested another restaurant. I forget the name of it right now and I'm too lazy to look back over my Foursquare details. But it was good. I had to work the next day so I couldn't spend too much time that night at my parents' house.
Wednesday I worked. Mom and Grandma went into NYC to see Sister Act. They also visited the 9/11 Memorial. I thought about going with them, but figured I'd let them have a day to themselves and I didn't want to use up all my leave. I worked on Thursday too because I had bowling that night and figured it would be silly to take the day off to have to come back up this way for bowling. My mom and grandma that day went to see the movie The Help. They both liked it. They also did some fun shopping around the area. That night I bowled and had a good time. I did WAY better than the past 2 weeks. I think I'm starting to remember how to bowl.
haha. I still was below what I feel I should be bowling and what I used to bowl, but I'm moving up slowly.
On Friday, my mom, grandma and I drove down to my sister's house to see her new place. We went out to lunch and then stuck around for the kids to get out of school so we could visit. Traffic getting home was a little heavy so we grabbed
Wendy's and brought it to my mom's house to eat.
Saturday was a fun day! My mom, grandma and I went to a craft fair at the Sussex County Fairgrounds. There was so many pretty things! We had
corndogs and kettle corn made in a real kettle! Yum! Plus some fun drinks. We walked all over and looked at everything. My mom bought a nice bunch of stuff. I got some really awesome smelling hand cream. oh my gosh does it make my skin soft as can be! I loooooooooove it! It puts Bath & Body Works stuff to shame and I love B&BW lotion. That night my mom and stepdad had plans with their friends. So grandma came home with me! We played Yahtzee (she cheated and won 3 games out of 4) and Skipbo (I won 2 out of 3 games). For dinner we went to a Chinese buffet, which she loved. I was so glad because sometimes those places are hit or miss. But we both had yummy food. And lots of it! After dinner we went to the mall because she wanted to find a gift for a friend of hers. Then we went to the Black River Barn to see my niece's father's band play. We each had a beer and we munched on some sorbet and fruit. YUM! Eric was so happy to see my grandma. We talked with his wife and mother-in-law and I also saw one guy that I'd gone to high school with. It was so loud! The band is really good and even grandma liked it. We didn't stay for the whole show, though. But we did stay a good hour or so. It was very foggy on the drive home. Scary on some of the roads.
Sunday morning we got up and I walked the dogs while grandma enjoyed some coffee and relaxed watching
tv. She couldn't stop talking about how awesome and clear my TV is. (And it's not even one of the better models!) Once I got back we went to That Little Restaurant for breakfast. It's such a cute little place! They had a little old man playing soft music on a piano! The food was great too! The bacon was the best I've had in a long time! And their French Toast was almost as good as that little hot dog place that Kristen, Deanne and I had breakfast at when they were here.
Grandma and I hit
Petsmart, Target and Five Below before going to my mom's. My mom had invited all the family over for pizza (Gary's homemade pizza! Yum. The best pizza ever!) So it was a nice day catching up with everyone. My sister and Amanda both brought their boyfriends, who seem like nice guys. I've met them both before but haven't spent too much time with them. Pizza was excellent as always. After everyone left, my mom, grandma, stepdad and I played Rummikub.
Monday was another awesome day. Mom, grandma and I went to Mt Airy casino in PA. It's a nice casino and only about an hour away. We all got free $10 to use in the slots by signing up for their card. I have to admit that ten dollars was eaten up FAST. I was like "oh no!" I thought that was a sign of the day ahead, but I did really well! I ended up winning $80 ($50 before lunch and another $30 after lunch)!! We had lunch at a cute diner and did more gambling before heading back to NJ. My mom and grandma both didn't win at all, which is shocking because my mom always wins! For once it was ME that was the winningest! We hit Cracker Barrel on the way home, but my mom and grandma's meals were cold and gross. My Cranberry Turkey Salad was delicious! They ended up getting their icky meals free.
We stopped at my house on way back to mom's to let the dogs out. Then we went back to my parents' and played more Rummikub til the wee hours of the morning... ok, not that late, but it was well after midnight before I got home.
Yesterday was so much fun too! We went to Peddler's Village in PA and it is the cutest place! It is a little old-fashioned village of shops and such. I want to go back soon so I hope someone comes to visit me so I can take them there! It's probably about an hour and a half from my place, but it was so neat to shop and see everything. My mom and grandma both got a few things and I bought some apple spice wine. Yum! My mom got some sangria which we had at dinner last night. Dinner was at the Gourmet Cafe in Parsippany. MY stepdad joined us and it was so good. It's his favorite place and the chef/owner even came out to talk to use and see how everything was. I was so sad to say goodbye to my grandma last night. I miss her already.
Well, gotta get back to playing catchup with emails, etc. So I'll update more later...

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I'm so glad you had a fun couple of days with your grandma! You deserve it!

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