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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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Hey you!
Thirteen years ago today, I had the happiest day of my life when I married Ron. One and a half years ago, he was taken from me way too soon. Both of those days are forever etched in my mind. I was a complete mess all weekend and it didn't help that life had more
whammos to throw at me. Today I'm okay. I'm remembering the smiles and happy times and trying to push away the pain of the past year and a half. It's not easy being alone after having spent so many happy years with someone. I know life goes on and it doesn't do anyone any good to dwell in the past, but some days it's just so hard to live in the now when the now is crappy.
I had bowling on Thursday night. I sucked again! I cannot believe how badly I've been bowling. I've never been that bad... even in high school I bowled better! The one gal on my team is an actual certified bowling coach. So she gave me a few tips at the end of the night. For some reason I'm leaning when I throw. I have a feeling it's partially because of my
herniated disc. I think my body is trying to compensate. Plus on Thursday I pulled a muscle or something in my leg with the first throw and for the entire night I was trying to favor that leg as well. Hopefully this week I can put her tips to use and maybe do okay. She was very nice about giving me advice too and made sure to ask if I wanted suggestions first. Some people when they try to give tips or pointers will sound so obnoxious. I'd definitely take ideas from her, especially with her qualifications.
I've been in a good habit of walking the dogs quite a bit. We take about a 20-30 minute walk every night and on Saturdays & Sundays we walk twice, once in the morning for 30-40 minutes and then again in the evening for another 20-30 minutes. I've added distance to the routes I'd walked the first couple weeks. Even walked all the way around the lake one day. But it's hard to do that because one large stretch of road is busy and has no shoulder. So it's difficult to walk with 2 dogs and one person without being in the street. I'm too afraid a crazy driver will come speeding along and hit us. So I'm saving that walk for times when it's less likely to be as busy.
Last week I tried calling the oil company a couple times and left messages because the first time was too early and sales department wasn't in yet. The second time I was put on hold and then they came back saying everyone was busy. So I left a message. I even sent an email through their site and not one person called me back. Finally on Friday afternoon I got through to someone and got quotes, etc. I agreed to the terms and then she broke the news that she'd have to do a credit check. At that point I figured it would be like the electric company and they'd just require me to put a deposit down. However, she came back and said they wouldn't even work with me because of my credit. She said they could refer me to a cash-on-delivery company but then I'd have to pay up front before any delivery could be made for the full cost. They also wouldn't provide any service contract and no payment plan. Plus they charge MORE per gallon as well! She said there was no way they could do anything for me in my name and that I should have someone else put it in their name. The landlord had bad experience in past with previous renters and he told me in no uncertain terms that he would not do it again. It's in the lease that I have to set up a service agreement and take care of the oil deliveries myself. I called my mom and her reply was basically "oh that's too bad." Then she said she had friends over and had to go. Lovely. It was a chilly weekend and the house was even colder inside than out. I couldn't turn on the heat because there's no oil in the tank! (which is a little rude that the landlord didn't have some put in before renting out the house!) At that point I didn't even have a blanket in the house, or warm clothing. I just never got around to brining them from the old house. I didn't want to bring too much in until after the roof gets replaced once and for all. The mornings this weekend were the worst. It was so cold by 1-2a.m. that I couldn't sleep and getting out of bed was difficult. The bathroom was
FREEEEEEZing too. Not fun to sit on a cold bowl!
My mom called me this morning and I guess she was tired of me complaining about how cold I am. She's going to call the oil company today and see if they can put it in her name. Then she will have them charge her card each month (frequent flier miles for her) and I can pay her. She said she will only do this on two conditions... one that I keep my one savings account above a certain dollar amount as a safety net for emergency use only. and two, that I sit down with her and work out a formal budget to figure out how to get my debts paid and make my credit better. (Don't think it'll be possible to make the credit any better with the whole house issue, but well, '
tis worth a try if it means getting heat in my house!)
The big issue with the oil isn't that I can't afford it... I can. Barely. But I can. They just wouldn't even work with me at all!
They wouldn't allow a deposit or a co-signer. They just wanted nothing to do with me. All because I lost my husband and the household's main income earner last year. Life sucks enough and then it's impossible for someone to get out of a deep hole of debt. And I've applied for any and every type of assistance for utilities, etc. that exist in NJ, but I make too much money. Ha. So I've been declined on all fronts and get no help. I can't even get the mortgage company to take the dang house. Well I still have a ton of work to do there. And a bazillion more trips back and forth to get everything out. I went up there yesterday to do some more packing up and throwing out. I took down the entertainment stand and put that out for the garbage. I packed up another bag of clothes to drop off in a donation bin, which I did. I tossed out 4 bags of garbage. And I'm still not even close to being done. Moving all by one's lonely is not fun. And not easy. I packed up a couple big bins of clothing but didn't bring them down yet. I need to organize my closets at the new place first. So far I've mostly just been shoving boxes into the closets. lol Now there's no room for clothing!
Last night for dinner I made myself Shake & Bake extra
crispy chicken and Stove Top stuffing. mmm! So good. I was originally going to make a hobo dinner. I picked up some veggies from a local farmer's market and got ground beef at A&P, but then I realized I didn't have any knifes to cut up the veggies and I didn't want to run back out. So tonight I'll stop on way home and pick up a good cutting knife. Although I was thinking tonight I should eat something quick and run up to the old house again for some more stuff, but I'm thinking no... My grandma is arriving from MN tomorrow and so I want to clean up the new place and try to get the closets organized. I'm taking a half day tomorrow to go with my mom to the airport to pick up grandma. She won't be coming up to my house until Saturday, so I've got time to get things settled, but I'd like to start tonight.
On Thursday my boss told me who is replacing him. But it's not official yet so no one else knows!
Shhhhhhh! I don't know the person at all, so it's interesting that it wasn't any of the possible names that were thrown around in the past couple months.
I need to find someone to buy Ron's old wood chipper. I need to write down the specifics the next time I'm at the old house so that I can post an ad on Craigslist and/or the classifieds at work. I would be thrilled to get $300 for it, but I'd take reasonable offers. It was only used one season and then it's been in the basement and protected from elements ever since. I don't know what to do with my halloween mannequins either... Anyone want them? I guess I should/could offer them to Jeff, but I doubt he'll come up from NC just to pick those up. I'd hate to just throw them out. I wish I had more room for them to bring them with me, but there's really no space to even decorate with stuff that big. I am keeping most of my other Halloween decorations though.
Oh, in talking about my walks with the dogs earlier, I forgot to mention something. I keep seeing those commercials for the Comfy Harness on TV. I was curious about it. Because while my girls have never been horrible walkers, Rogue does like to pull a little bit and I always hated the way the collar would pull on her neck when she'd try to move faster than I wanted to go. In fact I'd leave the collar a little loose so that it wouldn't choke her too much. And Cheyenne just has a habbit of wanting to pull when she sees a squirrel or chipmunk, but that's quite often around these parts. I didn't like the cost of the Comfy Harness with its shipping, etc. So I looked on Amazon and they had another brand that looked even better because of the padding under the legs. Plus the sizes sounded more fitting than the other. So I ordered two using my Amazon credits. I've been using those for a week now and oh my gosh! It is amazing how much of a difference they made! Seriously! I was doubting the claims on the commercials and thought they were overstating things, but Rogue and Cheyenne are walking a billion times better (and I never classifed them as "bad" before. Just eager.) They even seem to be prouder when they walk and keep their heads up alot more. Of course they still dilly dally around and sniff and all, but I love the mesh harness. It's so much nicer than a collar.
I took a survey at work today (5 minutes) and in exchange I now have 59 minutes that I can use to leave early any night. Awesome. It's tempting to want to take it right away today, but I think I'll save it for a bit. I'm taking off next Monday & Tuesday to spend with my grandma and mom. Should be fun, although I'm not sure what we'll be doing.
Well, guess I've babbled enough for now. Bye bye bye... :)

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I'm glad to hear that your Mom is going to help you out, that's good news. I was worried about you this weekend :( That is really crappy that the landlord left the oil empty. Boo. Hiss.

I will make a note to ask C about the wood chipper tomorrow. I don't know if it's something he'd want or not. I'm sure he'd want to know what kind or whatnot. If not Paul may want it. If so then I could drive out and get it and help you pack if you'd like. I'm an excellent packer. Ok maybe not but I can help put things in boxes and stuff.

That's cool about the harness! Glad it helps!!!!! I'm sure it'll help your back/muscles too with not having them pull as much! I want to see a pic!

BTW did you ever get that Target e-gift card I sent a few weeks ago to your vmmm addy? I didn't hear anything and with our luck (ha!) you never know what the hell may have happened to it.

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