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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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Tweets for Today
  • 06:57 I'm at Work t.co/5EgF9xd #
  • 07:48 Boss is out sick today. Going to be another quiet day. #
  • 07:50 Chopped all my hair off this weekend. Well, not me personally. Lol. So far I've gotten compliments from 2 guys & 1 gal that saw me. #
  • 08:15 Will this damned cold ever go away? Grr. Been living on Theraflu all weekend and still feeling awful #
  • 08:37 Woohoo... was just told that my haircut makes me look years younger. #
  • 09:26 @KGreene978 I don't have new hair. It's the same old hair, only shorter. Lol #
  • 13:47 Yay. My replacement phone has been delivered at home. Can't wait to go home and have a completely working phone again. #
  • 14:37 Hehehe t.co/hG8RcQL #
  • 16:25 Hearing lots o thunder #
  • 17:18 I'm at My Cozy Place In Cozy Lake (Oak Ridge, NJ) t.co/kDQ5G2J #
  • 18:21 Charging my replacement phone before activating it. It looks so pretty and scratch free. #
  • 19:34 Want to lose it? You've got to move it move it! Exercise is key to getting rid of pesky pounds. Check it out! lx.im/1qG2s - spon #
  • 22:29 I'm watching Alphas (2717 others checked-in) t.co/HR6gTdw @GetGlue #Alphas #
  • 22:29 I unlocked the Alphas: Nina Theroux sticker on @GetGlue! t.co/QKEDQsz #
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