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Think a thunk with me

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Tweets for Today
  • 05:52 Do you know how hard it is to get ready for work in the morning when it is pitch black and no electricity? #
  • 05:53 There's a guy 2 houses down who has a generator. I am so sick and tired of hearing it. It is so loud I can hear it inside clearly. #
  • 06:43 I'm at Work t.co/JkWtydg #
  • 08:14 @MickiD216 thanks. Now they are saying it won't be back until next week!! #
  • 08:14 @mbhj @coreyann well then you should personally deliver them. #
  • 10:31 My fav places on @goscoville ★ Black River Barn, Cliff's Dairy Maid... ★ #toptuesday t.co/OVKSOz7 #
  • 10:38 @coreyann not going to be back until next week supposedly... #
  • 10:51 @mbhj yep she has electricity but when I tell her I don't and won't for a week or more, she just says "too bad". #
  • 10:51 @coreyann I can't... I have a 1 yr lease. Grr. And paying for cable, phone and internet that I can't use. #
  • 11:19 Oh yay. One of my engineers has no power at home too. She also heard that power won't be back in her area until nxt wk & same electric co, #
  • 11:26 @coreyann but the cable ISN'T down. I just have no power to use it so they won't even discuss not charging since they are up. #
  • 11:27 @mbhj I can't afford to move anywhere. Plus I have a year lease now, but I think next yr I'm going back to MN. They are much better there. #
  • 11:50 I'm hearing multiple confirmations that power won't be back until next week some time. And I'm sure not Monday since that's holiday. Ugh. #
  • 12:00 Guess after work I'll go home, pack up the dogs & all their stuff, pack a back with a week's worth of work clothes & go back up the mountain #
  • 12:20 36,000 in Morris County without power Tuesday | Daily Record | dailyrecord.com t.co/KbS4JPv #
  • 12:35 @coreyann don't know any neighbors that i'd want them to have cell # . I can just call my home # and find out that way. If rings=power on #
  • 12:40 Whoa! Look at Willowbrook Mall: t.co/bNbfzz3 #
  • 12:41 @mbhj I tried finding something like that, but couldn't. So I don't think they do. #
  • 12:51 aha... did find an outage map, but it only narrows it down by towns. t.co/ZABeotS #
  • 13:06 according to the outage map, 38 people just got their power back in my town... but alas, not my place. (Tried calling again). #
  • 13:33 lol according to that power map, one person just LOST power in my town and another 200 in the entire county are now without power too. #
  • 13:47 and of course my phone is refusing to charge... wtf more can go wrong? #
  • 13:49 the number of power outages has jumped up by another 300... Lovely. Guess I should stop watching that outage map. it makes me mad. #
  • 13:57 but sometimes there just isn't an acceptable substitute & ya gotta use the original t.co/Di94FpA #
  • 14:04 @mbhj That's about 30 min away from me. I don't have anywhere near that type of flooding in my area. That's why I don't get it. #
  • 14:05 @mbhj Yep. It's the most awesomest calendar ever. I love posting the funniest ones on Facebook and here. #
  • 14:13 well another 20 people without power in my town... oh joy... I'm guessing it really will be next week before I see the light again... #
  • 14:15 @gianinal They can feel free to knock other power out as long as mine is restored!LOL don't get how harder hit areas got power back w/in hrs #
  • 14:27 oh my gosh: t.co/iq9Z1Es I used to take that road sometimes when I worked in Parsippany. #
  • 14:35 @KGreene978 Isn't it? I've heard of roads collapsing and such, but I've never seen pics with an actual car stuck in it. #
  • 14:57 Love how all politicians/officials say "be patient" with cleanup/power outages, etc How many of them are sitting in dark w/no running water? #
  • 15:11 well, another bunch of people in my town are now without power. It's gone up yet again. #
  • 15:19 my one engineer whose parents live in the same town as me just got power back. I'm hoping that means mine will come soon!? (not yet alas) #
  • 15:41 @mbhj I did. That's why the "not yet alas" part. #
  • 16:18 well another bunch of outages have been added now too. At this rate my power will be back by Christmas. #
  • 16:20 @coreyann Yeah but I got ceiling leaks and power outages. And no shower or toilet. I think it's almost worse. #
  • 16:20 @coreyann Me too. :) #
  • 16:41 Getting my free water (@ ShopRite) t.co/1EH6AtM #
  • 17:12 I'm at My Cozy Place In Cozy Lake (Oak Ridge) t.co/Kz5H881 #
  • 18:01 Joke is on me... came to old house to pack up a carload of stuff and take shower. Got here and realized I left key... t.co/xoQ3QtZ #
  • 19:19 I'm at Frank's Pizza (5796 Berkshire Valley Rd, Oak Ridge) t.co/A3pIYmb #
  • 19:50 Whoooooo hooooooooo.... power is back!!! (@ My Cozy Place In Cozy Lake) t.co/gC0JljU #
  • 19:52 @mbhj yep. One slice of buffalo chicken pizza and one pepperoni. Yum #
  • 20:01 yay for having tv back! t.co/BVBgtWV @GetGlue @RizzoliIslesTNT #
  • 20:14 @coreyann I had a feeling if I went up to the old house to shower, the power would come back but if I stayed here, it'd still be out lol #
  • 20:15 @mbhj Lol glad you put the screen cap because all I saw was boxes. lol #
  • 20:15 @mbhj That's my stepdad's favorite. Plain extra cheese. #
  • 20:16 Now I don't want to work tomorrow so I can stay home and enjoy the power! #
  • 20:19 @coreyann In my life, yes. I have a feeling it probably went on 2 minutes after I walked out the door to go up to other house. #
  • 20:20 At least I didn't decide to pack up the dogs and clothing and all that to stay up at the other house. Something told me to come back #
  • 20:32 @coreyann True. I would have gone crazier. It was way too long as it was. #
  • 21:18 I am watching Switched at Birth w/17 others t.co/CCl4eBd @GetGlue @ABCFsab #
  • 22:26 @mbhj yay thank you. Hehe #
  • 22:27 @mbhj I was watching the last episode that I had on dvr. #
  • 22:28 I am watching General Hospital w/30 others t.co/wusencH @GetGlue @GeneralHospital #
  • 22:37 @mbhj I can only play at home or places where there is wifi. #
  • 22:38 @coreyann @mbhj I have one on my instep. Man it itchessssss #
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