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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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La la la la life goes on....
It's another Monday. These darn suckers come way too quickly and far too often if you ask me. But at least this is just a 4-day work week for me. yippee. After having moved my Scheduled Day off during the last pay period, I had to work two 5-day work weeks in a row! Man, that was killer!

This weekend wasn't too great. I'm so very sore. My legs are killing me way more than my back, which is very odd. I think it is from Saturday. I had to carry the heavy metal trundle bed down from the library room to my car... and the metal part of the daybed itself too. (And then had to carry them into the rental house and finagle their way into the teeny tiny room). I had so much fun getting them into the car and then tying them and the hatch down. I am pissed though. My neighbor and a few other guys were hanging out in the lot across from my house, just sitting around drinking beer as they always do. And the whole group watched me struggling with the huge heavy items down the front steps, across the long walkway to my driveway. Not a single one of them offered to help. Jerks. Makes me so happy to be getting out of the area. Guess there's no such thing as a gentleman anymore. I miss the days of guys offering a hand when a damsel was in distress. Oh well. I survived the ordeal, but I have no faith in the kindness of strangers these days.

I think I wrapped my entire car in twine just to make sure the back hatch wouldn't fly open and the stuff fly out of the car. I think I over-did it a bit, but everything made it to the rental house okay, so it worked.

The other night... Wednesday was it? I forget when, but I found a big box upstairs and opened it to find a ton of old photos! Oh man I was trying to pack up stuff, but I had to sit down and look through every photo! LOL Needless to say, no more packing got done that night. I found pics from PROM! Pics from Joe Mac concerts... pics from meeting Nick Carter (although for some reason the pic of me with him is missing. :( I don't even have a copy anywhere.) ... pics from when my niece and nephew were little... pics of my ex-fiance from when I was young and stupid... pics of halloweens and Christmases past... pics of... well, tons of funny things and memories. I found a photo that had my grandpa and Ron in it together. Just the two of them and I have to admit I had a little cry as I miss them both so much. But it was just nice to find a picture of the two of them.

I found another box later on this weekend and in it was a card and a couple letters that Ron wrote me when we first started dating! Talk about another water-works moment. A short minute later though I cracked up when I found a few cards from my ex-fiance in the same box. have no clue why I had saved THOSE. I tossed them. THEN a few minutes later I had one heck of a shock when I pulled a box out of the storage area. I opened the lid and out popped a mouse! Eeeek! My first thought was "oh it's so cute~!" Then I realized it was in my box and I could have reached in and gotten bit. I looked down in the box and noticed two itty bitty baby mice! I don't know what I was thinking but I kind of freaked and just left the room and closed the door. I haven't gone back in since! Now I'm afraid to pull more stuff out of the storage area because who knows what might be living in it! I do have to laugh at myself for leaving the room to the mouse family. I guess I'm a big chicken.

Saturday after I got the daybed parts over to the rental, and a few other items that I had packed in as well, I was going to put the IKEA chair together. I still can't believe those F'ers sent the wrong color chair but the right color footstool. Well, they didn't actually SEND the wrong one.... the moron working at IKEA when my parents placed their order actually WROTE DOWN the two different colors! WTF was he thinking? Who would want a chair with one wood color and a foot stool with another? Jerk. I was so fed up with them after all their screw ups that I was just going to deal with the ugly colored chair that didn't match. However, as I looked at it, I just could not stand the color. So I took the box and put it in my car and headed up to Paramus. I had wanted to hit the Christmas Tree Shop in Rockaway for a few things, but figured there was one right next to the IKEA so I could go there instead. When I got to IKEA, they initially wanted to charge me $20 more because the chair had been on special price or something when my parents bought it and I didn't have the receipt, only had the slip from the delivery that didn't show costs. Oh I gave them one big ol' piece of my mind after all the hell they've put us through. Finally they gave me exact credit and I was able to even exchange it for the right chair. Grrr.. That is THE LAST time I ever step foot in that store.

I went over to the Christmas Tree Shop after that and picked up a few odds and ends for the house. I was heading home when I remembered that C told me about a microwave at Best Buy for $29.99. My current one isn't working too well. Some of the numbers are rubbed off and the plastic over them is ripping. And it just isn't cooking right. So I figured for thirty bucks, I'd get a new one for the rental and then I'll just take the old one to the recycling center with a few other electronic items that will have to go. I went to the Best Buy in Riverdale and they had ONE of the microwaves left. Yay! After that I stopped at Bed Bath & Beyond on my way home and got a couple more things. Then I went home and relaxed with the doggies.

Oh I forgot to mention my fun on Friday night. I got out of work at 3:30 and stopped at A&P on the way home for dog food and a few other groceries. As I left there it was starting to get a little dreary out. It wasn't raining yet, but I could see it was getting close. I made one more stop at the liquor store for some beer and then continued on my way home. I hadn't brought anything with me on Friday to stop at the rental because I figured I'd be there Saturday & Sunday. Anyway, as I was driving, suddenly the sky opened up and it rained like I have never seen it rain before. I could not see the road and then HAIL started falling and banging all over my car. I was going 5mph most of the last couple miles to home. I backed my car into the driveway to make it easier to get the food out of the trunk. I was tempted to leave it there for awhile but I had some Edy's Fruit bars that would melt! I grabbed my umbrella and my purse and stepped out of the car into a 4 inch puddle of water that was covering my driveway! ok, maybe it was 3 inches, but it was up over my ankle! That was deep enough! And COLD! ahhh... my poor shoes and feetsies.

I grabbed what bags I could handle with the umbrella and ran to the front door, throwing them inside the porch before running back to the car to get the last couple bags. I don't know why I bothered with the umbrella. I was soaked through and through. I went inside and changed quickly before putting the groceries away. Cheyenne was hiding under the desk and would NOT come out for anything. I tried to get Rogue to go outside to do her business, but she took one look out the door and ran back into the living room. She wanted nothing to do with going potty out in that weather and usually she doesn't care if it's raining or snowing or anything in between. That's when you know it's bad... when Rogue won't even put her nose out in it.

Sunday I was up early-ish and took the dogs outside. The weather was nice and a cool breeze was blowing. Eventually I took them in and I packed up my car to head to the rental. I wasn't sure if my parents would be coming home from the boat early or not, but I wanted to drop off all my goodies that I bought the day before and thought I'd give a try to putting the chair together.

My mom called shortly after I got there and she said they had just gotten back from the boat and were wondering if I wanted them to come up to the old house to get the daybed parts because they'd probably fit in their station wagon since it's bigger than my Vibe. Figures... a day late and a dollar short! I told her that I had managed to get them there myself on Saturday. My mom had ordered blinds for all the rooms and they had finally arrived this weekend so she and my stepdad were coming over to install them. Plus we figured we could put the daybed together.

Oh man what an experience that was. Gary worked on the blinds so first my mom and I put together the IKEA chair, which was interesting in and of itself. Gary was still working on the blinds, so mom thought we could handle the daybed. It wasn't as easy as it sounded considering the room it is in is only a few inches bigger than it is side to side. We both ended up with some battle scars... I'm still in pain from the fight, but in good news the daybed and trundle bed are set and ready for visitors. Only fun thing will be when the trundle bed gets pulled out, whichever lucky person is on the daybed itself, well, they will have to climb over the trundle bed to get into and out of the daybed until the trundle is pushed back under. There's literally no extra room once the trundle is out. Should be cozy though. haha.

My parents took me to the Milton Inn for dinner again. Their food is awesome and they have a really cute bar.

My boss is away on travel this week and I think he's actually traveling elsewhere next week too. So it's going to be a loooong couple of weeks.

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Maybe we can leave the trundle bed under the bed and stick Deanne on the floor ;) (I'm only joking, of course... not that she'll ever see this since she never thinks to check LJ anymore!)

Lol. Thats fine with me, if she doesn't mind. Lol my suggestion is to have the person with the smallest bladder on the trundle . Lol shame on her for not checking lj anymore. We should talk about her constantly until she does.lol

Well at least you're getting more moved in... that's a perk.

Shame on those men for not helping you! I would have helped if I saw you! Meanies!

Trying to anyway... Bit by bit. I just have way too much crap. Lol

Aw thanks. They were mean to not help me.

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