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Think a thunk with me

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Just my luck...
If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all. Seriously. Some days I just can't believe how totally unlucky I am. Just when things start going in a somewhat good direction, something slaps me in the face or kicks me in the bum and down I go again. I had high hopes for this past weekend. I wanted to get a lot of stuff moved into the rental. My parents were to meet me there Sunday afternoon so my step-dad could work more on the bedroom furniture. That morning I was going through clothing trying to decide what to keep, what to donate and what wasn't worth either option and should be tossed. As I was starting a 2nd bag to donate, my mom called my cell phone to let me know they were heading to the rental earlier than expected. Due to the weather, they hadn't stayed on the boat overnight. So I told her I was going to gather up another bag or two to donate into one of those donation bins and then I'd head over.
I was working on bag 3 when my mom called me back to inform me that the ceiling was leaking in two rooms at the new place. Not just a little bit either, but big amounts of water were coming in! WTF! I called my landlord and got his voicemail so I left him a message telling him what my mom told me. I informed him that I hadn't seen it yet but was heading down there right then. I finished filling the bag and dragged all 3 downstairs along with a tub of winter clothes that I wanted to bring to the house to store in the closet for now. I put those items in the car and went back inside to dry off a bit and to say bye to the dogs. My cell phone rang and it was the landlord. He said he was going to come over but couldn't get there for about an hour or so and wanted to know if I'd still be around, etc. I said I would be at the house in about a half hour but planned to stay most of the afternoon. I also said that my parents were already there too, etc.
Ugh... so frustrating. BUT I do have to be thankful that the leaks were noticed BEFORE my living room furniture got there. One leak was right above where my couch is going to go. The other was over in the dining area. Later on we noticed water is also coming in the bedroom too! Fortunately not near where the bed has been set up. (My stepdad finished the bed, night stand and one dresser... still have one more to go. He's going to go over after work tonight to build the last dresser).
The landlord did arrive later and he put a big tarp over the entire roof to prevent water from coming in. He arrived when I ran to buy more paper towels and stopped at McD's because my mom wanted an iced coffee. When I was driving back, I saw the friendly neighborhood bear! Made me feel right at home. haha. Turns out while I was gone, my mom also discovered that the kitchen sink is leaking! Ughhhhhhhhh!
The landlord did tell me he is going to get a plumber out ASAP for the sink and will try to get roofers out soon too, but it's supposed to rain all week so I don't know when they'll be able to do anything. I can't move in until they do because I don't want the dogs to have to deal with pounding on the roof. The noise will drive them crazy... (Me too!) So I'm thinking it's going to be another week before I can move in... so perhaps the weekend of the 26th, which will be good because that's my 3-day weekend.
Today it is raining so hard. I just have this fear of the tarp blowing off the roof and more water coming in. Figures that the rain would hit the worst when I have more furniture scheduled to arrive. Today is supposedly when IKEA will deliver my couch and chair for the living room. They're coming some time between 6 and 10. Please don't let them come at 10... I want to be home and in bed by 10.
Hey... anyone out there want to come work with me? B retired last month and now her administrative assistant job is open for applications. I posted the link on Facebook the other day, but really wish more of my peeps would be interested. It's pretty much my exact job, just working for a different branch. We'd be in the same building and working in the same division. I'm sure I could even do much of the training! Benefits are pretty awesome, you must admit... Holidays off... flexible schedules to get every other Friday off... we have a water park, gym, restaurants, dog park, etc. all on base. Plus after working here a year you become eligible to telework for some of your days. Alas, too many of my friends live in other states and who'd want to move to NJ? But I am throwing the link out there in case anyone does. I know of reasonable apartments in the area too that are close so if you do want to move this way, I can help ya out. :) If anyone is seriously interested, let me know and I'll send you the link if you want.
I have to figure out some way to get the last 2 parts of my daybed to the rental. They are like 3 inches too long for my car. And unlike the mattresses, they have no "give". Being made of metal and springs, they are the size they are and don't twist or squeeze. I guess eventually I'll just put them in and tie down the hatchback and take them over that way. But I'm not doing that in bad rainy weather. I'm just afraid that I won't tie it tightly enough and it'll bang open and the day bed parts will fly out and hurt someone. Either that or I'll tie it TOO well and I won't be able to get them out! haha.
Well, I should get back to work... for now. I know I had more ramblings to write, but I'll save those for later. Toodles.

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oh hun, so sorry!! hope he can fix it asap as he promised. leaks are awful. I had one in the bathroom, a large one, and they fixed it one year later!!!

Thanks. He finally had it patched although he had told me he was going to have the whole roof replaced.
That stinks that it took them a year to fix your leak!

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