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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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Really Random Randomness
* If I was a hundred years younger, I think I would have a little crush on one of my engineers. He is just too cute and such a sweet guy. He's not gorgeous or anything, but is totally adorable with such a fun sense of humor. But he's like 12... so it is too bad my niece isn't a few years older... lol

* Actually I have a few adorable engineers, but they are all soooooo young.

* Work is very booooring this week. My boss is on vacation and everyone is so quiet.

* Ants are invading the building here at work. So gross.

* Still have no internet or phone at home. I was hoping to move into rental house by now (well, hoping to start the move- it will probably take me a few months to fully do so). So I didn't want to buy a new modem and router when I will get them free when I get my new account at new place. (current account is in Ron's name still because I figured why change when I was eventually planning to move anyway and then I can get better discounts as a new customer). But the landlord said they are still doing things in the house so I probably won't get the key until the 1st. Which is understandable considering I signed lease effective the first, should have done it effective the 15th but that seemed too soon.

* I have physical therapy this afternoon. It is coming to an end soon. Counting today I have 3 sessions scheduled and that will be it, unless more pain arises. I do have to say that while I still have painful moments, for the most part my back is feeling a whole lot better. I was a bit skeptical of physical therapy when I started, but clearly it does work.

* I am annoyed that our little Starbucks on base did not have any venti sized cups for iced drinks this morning. grrr. It really isn't fair because for the summer all iced coffees are $2.00 so why should I settle for a smaller size when the largest is the same price? Oh well, it is still worth it sometimes.

* Trying to decide what I want to do for lunch... I could just have soup or mac&cheese at my desk, but I kind of want to get out of the building. Maybe I will wander to the cafeteria.

* I really need to start packing. It is going to be a pain moving all my junk. I wonder if I should take some time off work to focus on moving next month. hmmm.... maybe...

* I want to go to the drive-in soon. I am tempted to go one night by myself but that seems sad. Anyone wanna go with me?

* Well, guess I shall do a bit of work before lunch. byebye!

* grr... been trying to post this entry via the LJ app and it keeps erroring out. Hope it isn't posting it a zillion times.

* Walked over to the cafeteria for lunch and got a tuna melt with fries. YUM!

* Seriously? WTF is wrong with all technological items and me these days? I cannot get my stupid LJ app to send this entry. It even deleted a big chunk of what I wrote! Then I tried going online on my phone to post to LJ directly and that errored out too! Now my work computer is being a putz and I can't get into the program to enter time for my engineers! Sheesh!

* Since I'm having so many issues, I doubt this entry will even show up via email! But I'll try. Of course it is missing a bunch of what I'd written this morning, but I give up and don't feel like trying to remember what else I wrote. Darn LJ! I wish my work computer didn't have it blocked, it would be much easier to just go there and try to post. Although I noticed my Tweets didn't get posted last night either so something must be specifically wrong with my LJ. Don't know what... I haven't changed any settings or anything. This is so frustrating.

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I'll go to the drive-in with you!!! I was searching all around me for open drive-ins, but most are closed or too far away (and the ones that do still exist are so expensive compared to yours!)

Oh yay!!!! Now we need to figure out when. That sucks that you don't have one near

I'd go but I have a feeling that our schedules won't match up :(

drat! We will have to make a plan for next year early in the season before you get all wedding busy

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