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Think a thunk with me

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Giggles and heat
I had a moment of total giggly teenage-ness yesterday! I got an email saying that Joey Lawrence is now following me on Twitter! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I have NEVER thought that any celebrity would be bothered with following my whining tweets! And I will never be one of those people that post to celebs asking them for a follow because to be honest, I think that's just sad. I don't think I've even commented to or re-tweeted any famous folks more than a handful of times. Yet after getting that notice last night that Joey Lawrence was following me, I can see why people would want famous follows. I definitely giggled like a school girl at the thought that he might actually read something I post. I'm sure he's following too many people to be bothered noticing my little stuff, but it's just such a cool feeling! I had such a crush on him as a teenager, and heck, still do! I still have his CDs and play them now and then. Silly me, but I'm still excited about it.
In not-so-fun stuff going on, this heatwave is killing me. I have never liked weather over 70 degrees, but this 90-100 degree crap is horrible! Especially in my house where there's no AC and no circulation. I leave 3 fans on high for the doggies all day. One is a tall one that I am to oscillate back and forth so that it reaches the height of the couches. Then I have 2 on the floor so that they can lay on the floor and still get a breeze. I feel so bad for them having to spend all day in that yuckiness. It's hot enough here in the office, but at least there's some type of air conditioning, even if at times it doesn't feel like it's on. My house is so gross. I can't wait to move. I wish the landlord would let me move in early! But so far I haven't heard back from him as to when I can pick up the keys. I guess I shouldn't expect to move in before August 1st considering that's the effective date of the lease, but I was hoping they'd let me start moving in earlier. I need to do lots of measuring to find furniture that'll fit! I'm so excited to be moving even though it's going to be a pain to downsize so much. It will be awesome to have less space to clean! And I'm so looking forward to central air, the deck and the woodburning stove for the winter! PLUS the 20 minute commute to work will rock! And very little yardwork needed! Weee!! It'll feel like a long vacation, I think... and the fact that it reminds me of a cabin will add to that feeling. I can't wait to get in and have visitors!
Today is our division picnic at work. It's being held just off base at the lake near here. I hear it's always fun and with lots of good food. I just wish it wasn't so hot and humid today. I do hope there'll be plenty of shade to hide in. I'm going to ride up with C because I have no clue where I'm going. Plus they want everyone to carpool because parking is very limited, supposedly. I'm looking forward to the corn on the cob and the hot italian sausages. (I hear there's also sweet sausages, hot dogs, hamburgers and steak! Along with salads and such.) Plus there's going to be kegs of beer! oooh. I think it may be too hot for beer, but maybe one cup will be refreshing. There will also be volleyball games and softball games going on. I didn't sign up for either because I knew the heat would be too much. But it'll be fun to watch the games.

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Dude, I'd totally be a giggly little schoolgirl with you if Joey Lawrence was following me! LOL That's awesome!!!

It's too bad you can't move in early... you could just move the dogs in for the day while you're at work, so they could use the central air. It's like scary hot out, not just uncomfortable summer weather that I always dislike. (And I just realized, while rereading that sentence, that although I'm 32, I apparently still talk like a teenager LOL)

Work just interrupted me, I forgot what else I was going write... darn it!

Glad I'm not the only one who would be giggly over that. I'm still amused by it!

I wish I could move in early but Haven't heard back from landlord. I emailed again today to see if maybe it would be a hint. It would be nice to let the dogs have a cool house during the day. I want to get in and stay too! LOL at talking like a teenager. Sometimes I think we all do that.

Did you ever remember what else you were going to write?

Aww that's fun!!!! I like him and when I said "great job!" to him at Dancing With the Stars live he actually stopped, came back and shook my hand and said thank you. It was really sweet and he won me as a fan for life after that LOL. I giggled like a kiddo when Alison Arngrim followed me. Fun for you!

I hope you get an early move date, I cannot imagine having to deal with this heat without air. This is absurd! I am SO glad I have no weddings this weekend. I've been hibernating in the house and completely glad for it. I wish you were close enough to use my AC too!

Hope the picnic was fun!

It is fun! hehe. He seems like such a cool guy. That's really sweet that he came back and shook your hand to thank you! My opinion of him has gone up even further after hearing that.

So far no early move date and it's killing me! My house is so stiffling! ugh!

The picnic was fun but so hot! I'm sunburned from it too.

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