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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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Tweets for Today
  • 08:55 Got no sleep at all, and still feeling awful. Damned fever and pains are not letting up. #
  • 08:56 @coreyann unfortunately I'm not feeling any better. #
  • 09:36 Now I'm feeling really light headed if I stand for more than a minute. Not a fun feeling at all. I think I may head to urgent care again. #
  • 10:52 I'm at urgent care. There's a ton of people waiting ahead of me. So I will probably be here a long while. #
  • 11:14 So tired... I could fall asleep in this uncomfortable chair... still waiting... still feeling way beyond crappy. #
  • 11:27 Still waiting... #
  • 12:56 Still no answer as to what is causing my fever and pains. I have to go for more blood tests on Mon. They did chest xrays & I peed in a cup #
  • 13:53 So achy and tired. Hope the dr finds out something soon. He said if no answers I may need to see infectious disease specialist. #
  • 16:09 Of course my internet is down yet again. So frustrating. My fever is making me all sweaty and yucky. #
  • 18:03 Still no internet... still feeling crappy. Ugh... #
  • 18:53 Lovely. Internet was working for all of ten minutes before going down again. Was trying to schedule an appointment for bloodwork Monday. #
  • 19:22 FLASHBACK to the 90s and see how well you know some of Nickelodeon's best tv shows! Take the quiz! lx.im/1dG6h - spon #
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