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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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Tweets for Today
  • 05:20 Ugh. Still feeling awful and slept very little. #
  • 06:52 I'm at Work 4sq.com/oWTjhY #
  • 07:41 Don't know what I did. Just went to turn & grab my coffee and suddenly got huge pain in arm. Feels like someone yanked it out of socket. Ow! #
  • 08:28 Every muscle, every bone, every inch of my body hurts. Ugh... i #
  • 09:02 @Smarties thanks. Wish I could just crawl back into bed. #
  • 09:05 @littlegrayfox well the intense arm pain worked itself out, but now my whole body just feels achy and crappy. #
  • 10:09 It is way too quiet today which leaves me with nothing to take my mind off the pains... ughhhhhhh #
  • 10:43 Can I go home now??? #
  • 11:36 Credit union (@ State Farm Operation Center- Parsippany) 4sq.com/pMx6CG #
  • 11:47 I'm at Chase Bank (100 Parsippany Rd, Parsippany) 4sq.com/pDsp4u #
  • 11:56 I'm at Wendy's (2099 U.S. 46, at Parsippany Blvd, Parsippany) 4sq.com/qbmags #
  • 12:24 I'm at Work 4sq.com/rumDfA #
  • 13:15 I am feeling worse and worse, I am definitely running a fever. #
  • 14:10 This day needs to hurry up and end. I want to go home and crawl into bed... well, after taking the dogs out. #
  • 14:40 Here comes the rain... yikes. #
  • 14:49 I lov it when people ignore deadlines. I told them 2:00 amd not a single one has sent anything, I was thinking about leaving early to see dr #
  • 15:15 I'm giving them until 3:30 and then I'm giving up and taking one hour of sick leave. I feel so very feverish #
  • 16:02 At urgent care... its going to be at least 30 minutes before dr will see me. But at least I'm here so if head explodes they can clean mess #
  • 16:28 Still waiting #
  • 16:38 And still waiting,,, ughhhhh. #
  • 18:54 Finally home.. still don't know cause of fever... (@ Home) 4sq.com/oZMQgL #
  • 19:32 Internet is down again. Grr. As if I wasn't having a bad enough day now I can't even look up local labs for my bloodwork tomorrow. #
  • 20:12 It is so hot in here. I'm so uncomfortable and feeling awful. Trying to decide if should take full day off tomorrow or go in after bloodwork #
  • 20:16 @penster78 yeah, totally not fun. I had to wait for ages. #
  • 20:17 @MickiD216 Thank you. #
  • 20:19 Earlier I called to cancel my PT for tomorrow -they are going to charge for it since I called 2 hours less than 24 hrs ahead of time! #
  • 20:19 Win a weekend getaway to any of @Chobani CHOmobile’s stops! Check them out on facebook to play! lx.im/1dEhQ - spon #
  • 20:45 Emailed boss to request full day off tomorrow with option to come in after blood work if fever and aches go away. #
  • 20:45 @MickiD216 Totally messed up! I explained I was sick and had been at Dr's office since 4:00 and just got home. #
  • 20:51 @MickiD216 Yeah they didn't seem to care at all! It's not like I called within minutes of my appt, it was 22 hours ahead of time! #
  • 21:34 @gianinal That's my favorite of the series! :) #
  • 22:04 Earliest available appointment at closest lab is 11:00... so I think I'm going to take full day off after all. #
  • 22:05 @gianinal I keep wanting to reread them all too. I did listen to Outlander as an audio book not long ago, was cool to hear pronounciations #
  • 22:07 @gianinal thanks. Hopefully I won't have to get stabbed a bunch more times and hope the dr can figure out what's what #
  • 22:08 @coreyann oh no... hope your coughing goes away quickly #
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