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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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Tweets for Today
  • 06:54 I'm at Work 4sq.com/pPLbwF #
  • 07:17 Oh yay! My email access is back. They said there was some server issue yesterday causing all sorts of internet problems. It's fixed now. #
  • 07:31 I am so tired... did not sleep much at all again last night. #
  • 07:52 It is going to be a VERY long day. #
  • 10:54 5 of 5 stars to Firelight by Sophie Jordan bit.ly/k6yJsH #
  • 11:19 Giveaway contest! Win these amazing boots! t.co/2afQ3fE #
  • 11:26 This day is draggggggggggging. #
  • 11:44 I'm #reading The Unsuspecting Mage by Brian S. Pratt bit.ly/qtHTBd #
  • 12:52 Happy St Patrick's day. Lol ok, so it's not... but I had corned beef, cabbage & boiled potatoes for lunch so feels like it is. Yum! #
  • 13:00 Ugh,.. it is way too hot outside and inside today. #
  • 14:46 Sleepy.. so sleepy... and this boredom doesn't help #
  • 15:22 This heat is killing meeeeee... I hate summer... I hate this old building which is a billion degrees... #
  • 15:48 @penster78 the opposite end of the building I'm in is so cool and comfy, but my end doesn't get any air or circulation. #
  • 16:27 Almost time to go home.... #
  • 17:26 I'm at Home (Hewitt) 4sq.com/p68lp9 #
  • 18:12 Grrr... no internet. And it is hotter than Hades in here. Not going to be a good evening. #
  • 18:27 I need to remember to start picking up boxes.... it is kind of hard to pack without them. Haha #
  • 19:02 internet is still down, house is still 87 degrees inside. I am so drained and achy. #
  • 20:02 I unlocked the Melissa & Joey: Don’t Train on My Parade sticker on @GetGlue! bit.ly/o9o5Iq #
  • 20:02 I am watching Melissa & Joey w/1007 others bit.ly/qoS3fs @GetGlue #melissajoey #
  • 20:32 I am watching State of Georgia w/1150 others bit.ly/qbQL0c @GetGlue #stateofgeorgia #
  • 21:00 I am watching Royal Pains w/1141 others bit.ly/kJBrvR @GetGlue #RoyalPains #
  • 21:08 Play GameSlam. Named Best New Sports App (by ESPN Mag). : Watch a live game, predict the action & WIN! lx.im/1dDgr - spon #
  • 21:45 I feel like crap. In addition to usual aches & pains, I have horrible headache, all muscles hurt & think I am running a fever. Not fun #
  • 22:01 I unlocked the Hot In Cleveland Episode 4 sticker on @GetGlue! bit.ly/q0x7bh #
  • 22:01 I am watching Hot in Cleveland w/1198 others bit.ly/jIyga6 @GetGlue @tvland/hot-in-cleveland #
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