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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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Tweets for Today
  • 07:20 @Lee_Suh it just might be me in a few years... although I may be forced to get rid of some if I do get the rental because there's no room #
  • 07:22 So tired. I don't want to go anywhere but back to sleep. Although earlier I almost got up & started getting ready for work. Lol #
  • 09:12 I'm at Physical Therapy (Sparta) 4sq.com/iVacE1 #
  • 10:44 Coffeeeee (@ Quick Check) 4sq.com/kOQQdW #
  • 10:53 Seriously?!?! Someone or something smashed my fog light on my car. Wtf. I am so turning Amish and getting a horse & buggy #
  • 11:00 Oil change (@ Franklin Sussex Automall) 4sq.com/myKqh4 #
  • 11:13 There's this guy here in the waiting room that I seriously think is one of my exboyfriends from years ago... either that or a twin! eek. Lol #
  • 11:18 Hehe t.co/Qw6VM5e #
  • 11:27 How sweet. This little girl in the waiting room drew pictures for everyone on here & wrote nice compliments on each. #
  • 12:17 Just saw the salesman that I bought the Vibe from and he actually remembered me and my name. I'm impressed! That's a good salesman. #
  • 12:30 Still waiting.... grrrrr.... this place is really busy today #
  • 15:12 I'm at Walgreens (1502 Union Valley Rd, West Milford) 4sq.com/iPIkwr #
  • 15:52 I'm at Home (Hewitt) 4sq.com/lWsh51 #
  • 18:42 I am feeling crappy. Not a fun beginning to a long weekend. #
  • 20:54 Sign up for Modnique and get 50-85% off designer clothes and accessories! lx.im/1dyek - spon #
  • 21:20 I am watching Monk w/15 others bit.ly/kpyXAT @GetGlue #Monk #
  • 22:00 I am watching Blue Bloods bit.ly/gurRbB @GetGlue @bluebloods_CBS #
  • 00:56 I am thinking about Sleep w/231 others bit.ly/iS2iDC @GetGlue #Sleep #
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