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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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Mondays, Monkeys and Mermaids.
Weekends just pass by way too quickly! And I even had a three-day weekend! It was gone in a blink! It wasn't even that great of a weekend. I didn't do much at all that's worthy to talk about, but I'll post about it anyway because I'm a little bit bored.
Thursday morning before work I called my doctor's office and left a message for him asking what he recommended that I do (or don't do) to ease the pain I'm constantly in. I start physical therapy tomorrow, but I wanted to know what I could do in the meantime. I figured he'd reply back that I should use heat and take Advil, or maybe suggest something different. I didn't hear a peep at all on Thursday. Friday I finally got a call back in the afternoon and was advised that the doctor was going to call in a "mild pain killer". That was fine with me. I assumed it would be a stronger version of ibuprofen or the like. I waited an hour and then headed to the pharmacy to pick it up. I was in quite a bit of pain because I tried doing some mowing and that aggravated everything. I was surprised when I got the prescription that the doctor gave me Vicodin... and listed it as taking it 4 times per day as needed. I know when I spoke to his office they told me to try and not take it that many times, which I really only want something for afternoons/evenings when it gets to be unbearable. I was given a 10 day supply (if I took 4 a day) with one refill. That seems like overkill to me, but the doctor did the same thing with the muscle relaxant. 30 day supply with 2 refills. Which I'm hoping once physical therapy kicks in, I can stop taking all together.
I was going back and forth on going to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. When I finished at the pharmacy I noticed that I had about an hour to get to the mall if I wanted to see the 5:30 showing. (I didn't want to go any later because I knew it would become a madhouse on a Friday night and I hate crowds). So I decided that if I could make it there in time, I'd go to the movie, but if I arrived a minute after 5:30 it would be a sign that I shouldn't see it and I'd go get Panera for dinner. Sometimes it can take a full hour to get to the mall depending on traffic, but I made it there with 7 minutes to spare! So yep. I saw the new Pirates movie and loved it. At first I thought I was going to miss Orlando, but after the first couple of minutes, I forgot all about him not being in the movie. I totally enjoyed the film and I'm glad I got there in time to see it instead of having to wait.
Saturday I tried doing more mowing and weed-whacking, but the pain got to me again. My arms were feeling so weak and shaky. I had to give up. I was feeling a bit restless and needed to get out of the house. I went to Panera for lunch and then went to Willowbrook Mall to get an Orange Julius. I also picked up cards at Hallmark while there. After that I headed to Kmart to pick up a few necessities. When I finished there, I was craving ice cream and figured if the world was going to end at 6 p.m. I wanted my last "meal" to be yummy. (haha!) So I went to Cold Stone Creamery. Mmm! It was very good. I finished there with an hour to spare before the end of the world. I decided to go to the Christmas Tree Shop. While there, unsurprisingly, the world did not cease to exist. I did find a bunch of good deals and picked up a really cute stuffed flamingo with a hat and outfit on to bring into work. I have a shelf of stuffed animals (was originally just going to put flamingoes on it, but somehow Gizmo and a few other guys found their way onto it).
Sunday was a bum around day. I was feeling extra sore and so I took it easy for the day. I did so some ChaCha-ing at night to earn a little money, but otherwise I was pretty unproductive all day. ANd now here we are back at Monday... It's a 5 day work week for me. Boo hoo... Next week is only 3 days though. Yippeee!!!!!!
Oh, last night I dyed my hair, but I'm really bummed. I wanted it to be drastically lighter in shade. But you really can't tell at all. Well, I can tell if I look closely, but it's not a big enough difference that other people would notice. How disappointing! I even splurged on a more expensive brand because I liked the color on the box. Won't be doing that again!
Oh well...
Is it 4:30 yet? This day feels like it will never end... zzzzzzzzzzzz....