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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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Isn't this week over yet?
I can't believe how long this week is feeling. It's a short week for me (4 days) and yet feels like eight hundred! It doesn't help that my back/neck/head pain is flaring up really badly this morning. I can barely see straight it hurts so much.
Yesterday I had the MRI. I got there a little early and they let me right in and it went very quickly. I almost had a panic attack when he first put me in the tube. I had my eyes open, not knowing what to expect. I had heard that they were tight and cozy, but I figured it would be okay. I wanted to see what it looked like inside, but the minute he pushed me in and asked "Are you okay in there?" My instinct was to shout "No". Fortunately I swallowed that instinct and immediately shut my eyes and replied "It's close" or something like that. He asked again if I was okay and I said I was, although I felt anything BUT okay. I just kept my eyes closed tightly and tried to focus on the music instead of the feeling of the walls against me. The noise was so annoying too and half the time I couldn't even hear the music over it. Time went faster than I expected and before I knew it, I was being pulled from the machine. I had a long moment of Dis-orientation after that and felt light headed, but that settled eventually.
I was given a disc with the scan info on it. And stupid me last night decided to pop it in my computer to see the pretty pictures. Of course I have NO CLUE what I'm looking at so everything popped out at me as being something BAD. Is that
thingy supposed to be there? What's that? Is that a tumor? Of course all the stuff could be just normal, but my mind was going to the worst case scenario. I made myself take the disc out and stop looking before I totally freaked out.
The guy at the MRI place said that it could take up to 5 days for my doctor to get the report. Grr! I hate waiting. I figure I'll give him until Friday to contact me and then I'll call and see if they have the MRI info. Maybe I'll be surprised and hear back before then. But the MRI guy said to give them until Monday, but I don't want to wait that long. Not in this pain.
Brr... 'tis actually cold in my office building today. I can't seem to warm up at all. The rain makes it worse too, I think. I'm sleepy. So sleepy. 30 minutes until lunch. I'm already starving! I don't even know that I want to go outside in this weather. So maybe it'll be a mac & cheese day. I'm waiting for C to call and bother me about lunch. haha. Monday she called in the morning some time to tell me she wasn't going to the cafeteria for lunch because her branch was having a meeting/pizza party. At that point I had planned to go to the post office at lunch time so I told her as much. She replied "Well when were you going to tell me? Or weren't you going to bother?" Hello! It was like 9:30 maybe... (Speaking of which... just got an email from her! She's not going to the cafe today) Anyway, I was annoyed. I hadn't been 100% sure what I wanted to do for lunch since the rain was so bad. (Ended up staying in). Then Tuesday I sent an email to her around 10:30 saying that I wouldn't be doing lunch since I had to go to the post office because I didn't go on Monday. So she replied "Ok." Well, at 11:55 she calls and asks me if I'm going to the cafe. HUH!? I told her no and she asked "Why not?!" Duh! I explained that I had to go to the post office and she replied "Why?" She kept pushing me to skip the post office, but I said that I had to go and left it at that. Nosy little busy-body!
Oh the fun life I lead, eh?
Monday night I got a call from Ron's mom. Her younger sister (Ron's aunt) had been taken to the hospital the night before. She's been on an oxygen take for some time now, and I can't rightly recall just what her illness is, but she usually does okay just taking oxygen now and then throughout the day. I guess on Sunday her entire body was purple and her lips were beyond blue. Her body isn't absorbing or whatever the oxygen as it's supposed to. At the hospital the doctors wanted to put her on a respirator and she didn't want it. They then said they wanted to induce a coma and put her on a breathing machine. She didn't want that either. (Can't really blame her. I wouldn't want it either). Anyway, Ron's mom was telling me that they pretty much think she has very little time left. It's so sad because she's such a nice lady and I believe she's younger than my mom. I feel bad for the whole family because it seems like lately they keep getting hit by more and more heartbreak and deaths in the family. There were 2 more over the past few months that I don't think I actually mentioned because I didn't know the people that well, but were very close to Ron's mom and dad.
Hmm... still trying to decide what to do for lunch. I think it will be mac & cheese, although I'm so hungry that I don't think it'll be enough.
I think my boss is going to take his wife to see "Curtains" at the Paper Mill Playhouse this weekend based on my recommendation. He heard me talking about the play to someone else and he asked about the theater and such. So now he was considering getting tickets to take her on Friday. Neato! It was such a fun play.
Is it 4:30 yet? I am dragging through this day. Don't know how I'll get through one more day too before the weekend.

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Ok C would drive me absolutely up a wall!!!!

I would call on Friday for the MRI stuff, it really shouldn't take too much longer than that!!!

She is driving me up a wall!

I don't have to call them on Friday. They already called me! I have a pinched nerve on top of the muscle spasms and arthritis. So I need physical therapy. :(

(Deleted comment)
thanks. I was glad the results came back so quickly too. And I have a feeling that PT will make the pain worse before it makes it better..

Thank you. :( I haven't heard any further news, which I hope is a case of no news being good news.

i could never do a scan.. i would freak out! i have issues in tight places -- thank goodness im fat!!! They would have to send me somewhere that i would actually fit in ;)

I Hope they fix you soon!! hate to hear your in pain

I hate tight places too and I was squished up against the sides with NO room to spare. So even being fat they still squished me in there! I hear they now have open ones in a few places, but not this place. :(

thanks, I fear that the physical therapy will probably make me worse before it makes me better.. but hopefully not.

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