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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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To boredom and beyond!!!
Hello Monday... must you always arrive just in time to ruin a lovely weekend?
Sheesh. I feel like we just had a Monday last week. haha. Mondays should only be allowed once per year... or I'd settle for once per month, I guess. At least this is my 4-day work week, so I can't complain too loudly.
I had a pretty nice weekend. Friday night was quiet at home. Saturday I ran to
Willowbrook, Rockaway and a few other places in between. Totally didn't accomplish anything that I'd planned to do this weekend, but that's what next weekend is for, right?
Sunday was a good day. I went with my mom and her two friends to see the play "Curtains" at the Paper Mill Playhouse. It was awesome. Kim
Zimmer and Robert Newman were in it! I remember watching them on "Guiding Light" with my grandma when I was a kid, so it was so cool to see them perform live. They were both excellent in their roles!
After the play I went back to my mom's house and we were surprised by Gary's homemade pizza.
Yum! I have 3 pieces at home for dinner tonight. Can't wait!
My neck, upper back and lower back keep acting up. Some moments are worse than others. Tomorrow I am scheduled for the
MRI, so here's hoping they can see what's causing the pain. I'm all out of anti-inflammatories and only 1 more steroid to go. I have two refills for the muscle relaxant, but it's not doing diddly so I probably won't be bothered re-filling it when the current 30 days are up. Ugh... right now the neck/upper back pain is flaring up. Ouchy. Make it go away!!
I'm not looking forward to the
MRI. I've never had one before and had hoped to go another 30 plus years without ever having one. But if it can get to the root of the pain, I'll deal. Although I'm half afraid to find out what is causing the pain. Who knows what it could be and if it's something bad, I don't want to know. At least the MRI is at 7:30 and is closer to home to me than work, so I can sleep in an extra 30 minutes in the morning. They said that it takes about 30 minutes for paperwork and then 30 minutes for the actual scan. So I should be out of there around 8:30 and be to work around 9:30. After that, who knows how long it'll take before I hear from the doctor as to the results.
The weather is
yucky. They're calling for like a week straight of nothing but rain. It is POURING this morning. I need to take a package to the post office at lunch today, but may just wait and do that tomorrow. Although I'd like to get it out today... I'll see if maybe the rain will lighten up in the next hour. Yikes... thunder booming now. They had a lightning warning sent out over our email system earlier too. Crazy weather.

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I've had a few MRI's. They are pretty easy and usually just a bunch of waiting. Hopefully they are able to get to the bottom of your pain.

I don't like waiting! I'd rather have painful tests than sit and wait or try to keep still! LOL

I had an MRI for my knee issues (which was inconclusive, which sucks, but whatever). The worst part was just trying to keep still for the amount of time, but it wasn't painful or anything. Just long.

Yeah I didn't think it would be painful... I just can't sit still. I'm a gemini! We are a bundle of nervous energy and I constantly have to be moving something. So I don't know how they'll get any clear view. lol

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