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Think a thunk with me

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Stop being so annoying!

She's doing it again. It drives me nuts when people think I have nothing better to do than sit and read their non-work related emails and reply immediately. Sheesh.

C sent me an email asking what my lunch plans were... i replied that I had no plans and asked what hers were. She replied "Cafeteria or New Orleans steakhouse." That was her full message. I didn't see any question or anything else to reply to. it seemed to me she was just telling me what she was doing. so I didn't reply.

THREE minutes passed and she went and forwarded me the message she just sent. She didn't add any comment or question so I purposely ignored it because once again she waited all of 3 minutes to bug me again and didn't even add a letter.

The next time she waited a full 10 minutes. oooh. She sent me an email asking why I am ignoring her and what did she do to make me mad.  Grrr. Big baby! Some people have work to do and can't be bothered to jump just because you say so. I did reply that I wasn't ignoring her, I just didnMt realize she needed a reply because all she did was tell me what her plans were. I had no idea if she was going with her boss or engineers or friends. was i supposed to beg and plead that she take me with her???

It's the little things like that which make me want to scream. I must say that I am shocked she hasn't replied yet.  Maybe I should re-send my email and ask why she is ignoring me.

Time for some tea, me thinks.

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