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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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From Twitter 05-12-2011

  • 06:59:02: And so it begins.... another day at work. Weeeeee.
  • 08:00:06: So tired.... is it 4:30 yet?
  • 09:26:17: Can't believe it's not even 9:30 yet. Ughhhhhhhhh
  • 09:46:48: Lol! Just heard my boss on the phone say "Hello, my name is the person who's trying to help you and you are being annoying." It amused me.
  • 11:48:35: FINALLY spoke to Dr. His first suggestion was to put me on the prednisone that he already did! Ughh. Now he wants MRI. He will call back tmw
  • 13:07:21: I love doing things for shock value. Haha. Today I am actually wearing a skirt and I crack up at people's reactions.
  • 13:52:26: Off to a 1 hour briefing....
  • 15:01:01: Back at my desk in this stuffy, 90 degree cubicle. Ugh... not looking forward to the long summer in this nonventilated place.
  • 19:43:57: Can changing your snacking habits really help prevent cavities? Find out here >>> http://lx.im/1cxbI - ad
  • 19:45:53: I'm in the mood for a root beer float. but I have no root beer and no ice cream. Wish DQ would deliver because my back hurts to much to move
  • 20:01:08: I am watching The Big Bang Theory (w/131 others) http://bit.ly/hHB4R3 @GetGlue #TheBigBangTheory
  • 20:31:29: I am watching Rules of Engagement http://bit.ly/f3Yic2 @GetGlue #RulesOfEngagement
  • 21:02:36: I am watching Bones (w/241 others) http://bit.ly/gZGWOR @GetGlue #Bones

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