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Think a thunk with me

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Again again again...
I typed up a long entry yesterday on my phone. It took extra time because on the
LJ app there's no auto-correct and no capitalization so with those tiny keys I wrote up a long-winded account of a few annoyances. Rogue did something that distracted me at the time and I must have clicked something on the phone and it erased the entire entry! I wanted to scream! Oh well... I was so irritated by so much yesterday that it's probably better to have not posted that entry anyway. Not that I'm any less annoyed today, but at least there's 24 hours worth of distance from the actual events.
Firstly I had talked about the fact that the town I live in is having new appraisals done on the houses and they are sending out adjusters to re-assess the value of each home. Yeah, they want to increase taxes again, I'm sure. Good luck with that buddies. I can't afford my mortgage payment with the current tax costs... increasing the amount isn't going to make me able to pull the money out of thin air! I'll be darned if I let some stranger into my house. Let them wait until the bank owns it and then recalculate the value. They can go ahead and put down anything they want for what's inside and I won't argue a peep because I can't pay it no matter what it is. So leave me in peace! They left a sticky note on the door yesterday that they had been by and needed to get inside. The idiot wrote down that he'd be back on MONDAY MAY 11th between 5-7.
Um, dumbbutt... Monday is the 16th. There was a phone number to call between the hours of 10 & 4! Who the heck has time at work to call and reschedule a stupid appointment I don't want! There was also a website so I went on there and picked the latest date to reschedule and I'll just keep doing that until I'm out of the house. haha. If I had my way, the dumb bank would already have possession of the house and I'd have nothing to do with this headache.
Yesterday morning I had a 9-12 class to attend. I needed to reach the doctor to find out what I should do about the pain that is still with me. I tried calling right before 9, thinking maybe someone would be in to answer. Unfortunately I got an answering machine that told me to leave a detailed message and someone would return my call. I left a slow and clear message. I gave my name twice, spelling my last name both at the beginning and end of my message. I didn't use any big terms to confuse anyone. Basically I said that I had been in to see Dr. T*** last week and he gave me medication for the pain in my upper back & neck. I mentioned that the pain had lessened but now was back and that I also now have lower back pain too. What I wanted to know was if the doctor wanted me to come in for another appointment with him or if he wanted to go ahead and set up an MRI as he'd mentioned before.
That doesn't seem like too much info, does it? Well, less than 5 minutes later my phone rang, but I was starting class so I let it go to voicemail. When I checked later it was the receptionist at the dr's office saying that she got my message but I left too much detail to take down and that I'd have to call back and leave another message for the doctor. WTF!?! She obviously hadn't listened more than once to it because she called back so quickly. Plus how hard is it to interpret that I saw the doctor for pain and I'm STILL IN PAIN! I was so frustrated. I didn't have a chance to call back until later in the afternoon because after class I had a birthday lunch to go to.
When I did finally call back, I got the same lady and she was so obnoxious! I would try to explain something and I'd barely get 1 sentence out when she'd start talking and saying things that were no where near what I had originally said! I was on the phone with her for 10 minutes just trying to get my message across. Sad thing is, she speaks English! I could understand if there was a language barrier, but she just wasn't LISTENING! Finally I just said "Please have the doctor call me." And then she started talking to someone in the office and hung up on me! I had no clue if she was going to pass on my request or not, but I didn't get any return call at all.
So this morning I called again and left another message. Right before lunch the doctor himself returned my call! Thank you! However, he seemed a bit confused too! I explained my situation and he then said "
Ok, we'll call in a prescription for a steroid called Prednisone." Hey buddy! Check my chart. You've already done that. Ok, I didn't say exactly that in response, but I pointed out that he already had me on that. So he checked into the computer and looked again at my x-rays. So now he officially wants me to go for an MRI. He said he's going to call and get it all authorized to have it done at the same place I had the x-rays done last week. So at least it's not too far away. Phew. He's supposed to call me back tomorrow, but I won't hold my breath.
I'm really not wanting to do an MRI. I don't like the thought of it at all! But I hate this annoying pain and so if we can get to the bottom of whatever's causing it, that would be great. My upper back and neck are back to being pretty bad again (not as bad as they were at the worst, but almost). And my lower back seems to start out the day ok, but by now it is so tense and painful that I can barely move by the time I get home. I think the medication is making things an issue too because my stomach area is all tight and painful as well... not really the stomach itself, just around it. That doesn't describe it really, but I don't know how else to put it. Oh well...
I just wanna go home and hide away.
This weekend, on Sunday, I am going with my mom and her friends to see the play "Curtains" at the Paper Mill Playhouse. Can't wait! The actress and actor that used to play Reva and Josh on Guiding Light are in it! I hear it's really great.
I'm having a big camping craving. I want to go camping! Like now! haha. Well, not now with my back in pain, but once the pain is gone. Although I still want to rent an RV for a week or long weekend and take the dogs and go camping. I do still want to take a mini-trip without the doggies too, but I still haven't found a spot to kennel them if I go. I have looked around online, but haven't inspected any in person yet. So that's why I keep thinking about renting an RV so the dogs can come with me and just spend a long weekend in the wilderness somewhere.
Ho hum... at least it's almost 4, which means almost 4:30. And that means it's almost Friday. Too bad this isn't my short week so I shall be here tomorrow. Ah well....