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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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From Twitter 05-11-2011

  • 07:34:56: I am so ready for a weekend!
  • 08:01:05: Not a good sign when I'm already bored at 8 am. Oh well, at least I have a class from 9-12 & then lunch out for 2 birthday gals.
  • 08:56:35: Waiting for class to start.... fun times.
  • 09:01:02: It is 800 degrees in this classroom. Ughhhhh
  • 14:28:13: My new doctor is cool but his office is full of idiots. Grrrrrrrrr.
  • 15:18:00: Why say 'leave a detailed message' then when I do, speaking slow & clear you call J leave me a msg saying I left too much info-& tell me to-
  • 15:18:46: (Cont.) Call back and leave another message for the doctor w/less detail? Wtf. Still so annoyed by that.
  • 15:21:01: Even more annoyed that when I get thru to the dumb gal & try to give her info, she only hears half of what I was saying & messed up all else
  • 17:35:29: Why am I not surprised that my dr's office hasn't called me back? I bet that idiot even screwed up my number. Grr.
  • 18:10:58: So not my day! Just typed an LJ entry on phone for 15 long minutes and then Rogue distracted me and I must have clicked something =all gone
  • 18:55:45: How depressing... I was thinking for some reason that today was Thursday. Such a bummer to realize it's only Wednesday.
  • 20:01:35: I am watching Ghost Hunters (w/26 others) http://bit.ly/euuM8b @GetGlue #GhostHunters
  • 21:01:23: I am so sleepy
  • 21:04:27: OPI nail polish is the best...Amazing pink collection http://lx.im/1cvFX - ad

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