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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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Aches, pains and other good stuff.
Over the past few months I've had neck/shoulder/upper back/head pain that bugged me quite a bit. It would come and go and so I'd complain about it, but wouldn't do anything more than whine. The weekend before the one that just passed, however, it got so bad. Sunday was awful and Monday morning was even worse. I went to my new insurance company's
web-site to find out a local doctor. I refuse to go back to my old one and so I was mostly looking for convenience. I picked one somewhat randomly. It was the only one that was between home and work. There were other doctors near work or near home, but none that were on the way. So this one was a good fit as far as location went. I called and they scheduled me for 3:00 the next day (Tuesday). I didn't think that was bad at all considering my ex-doctor used to be booked up for weeks. So on Tuesday I left work early and went to the doctor. I really liked the doc. He asked more questions than any other doctor I've ever seen before. usually they immediately assume the pain is muscle spasms and tell me to apply heat and take ibuprofen. (Well, I had already been doing that because I knew in the past that was the usual diagnosis).
After the check over, he immediately wrote up a script for x-rays and informed me of a location nearby that does them! Wow! All my old doctors used to send me to the hospital for x-rays and not one that's local to me. I used to have to go over an hour away to get them done! So I was pleased to go right from the doctor to the x-rays. After the x-rays, I stopped at the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions (an anti-inflammatory and a muscle
relaxant). Of course, the pharmacist had no prescription yet and had to call the doctor's office. While he was on the phone with them, the written prescription came through over e-mail. Ugh.
I wandered the pharmacy looking at their cute stuff for a bit. Then the pharmacist came over to me and said that one of the prescriptions is a brand name and the generic is currently unavailable anywhere. Lovely. So even with insurance, the cost would have been over $50 for 2 week supply!!! Oh heck no! The pharmacist said he could call the doctor again to see if he could change to a different muscle relaxer. But of course by that point the doctor had left for the day!
Argh! So the pharmacist filled the muscle relaxer Rx for 3 pills just to get me through one day ($8 for three pills!)
Wednesday after work I went back to the pharmacist to pick up the new prescription. $5 for 30, much better. However, I didn't realize until I got home that while the first medicine was supposed to be 3 times a day for 2 weeks, this new one was 1 at bedtime for 30 days supply with 2 refills! huh? Why would the first one only be for 2 weeks and now this one was 3 months? I went back and forth with the pharmacy and doctor's office over the next 24 hours. I was still in pain the next day with no lessening of symptoms. So the doctor called in for a steroid because the x-rays showed arthritis in my neck on top of the muscle spasms. (Not sure which aggravates which... but lucky me gets both!) So I picked that up on Thursday and will take it for 2 weeks in addition to the other drugs. Fun times!
Saturday was the first day that the pain was finally not so obvious. It still hasn't gone completely away, but the doctor's office told me to give the steroids a few days to work and then if I still have issues, they'll schedule an
MRI. Yikes! I don't want one of those, but I can still feel the stiffness and I still occasionally get the light-headedness too. And the pain comes and goes a bit. So, I'm thinking that I'll give it one more day and then if it's not better, I'll call the doc and go from there. One thing that is good is that there's no co-pay on my doctor visits. That was the first time I've gone to a doctor without having to pay a penny!
Yesterday was mother's day. My family also celebrated my nephew's 10th birthday (which is technically not until the 17th, but sailing season is starting soon so my step-dad will be putting the boat in the water next week or so). Anyone want to go sailing this summer?
My step-dad surprised us all and made homemade pizza! His pizza is THE BEST in the WORLD! Seriously. You can ask any of my high school friends who got a chance to try it 20 years ago and they will remember it to this day as the best pizza they've ever had. It was great to have it because he doesn't make it often anymore. :( I brought my ambrosia and my sister brought a strawberry cheesecake (so good!) and a cinnamon crumb cake that my nephew picked out for his birthday cake. It was good food and a fun day.
I'm so full right now. I got my
Panera gift card from MyPoints this weekend and so it sounded like a great place to grab lunch. So I went and picked up Baked Potato Soup in a Bread Bowl for lunch with iced green tea. Mmm~! So good, but so filling.
My new boss is still pretty cool. I do miss my old boss because she was so nice, but who knows what will happen in 4-6 months when my current boss will be rotating elsewhere. Although he's been telling me that there's going to be quite a few cutbacks coming up and many people will be losing their jobs. oh please not me! I'm hoping that this is all just unfounded rumors. But who knows.
I'm sure I had other stuff to write about, but clearly it wasn't important enough to stay in the forefront of my brain. Oh well. I really can't believe we're already over a week into May! Time is zoom-zoom-zooming on by. I don't know why it's moving so quickly. it's not like I ever have anything to do to make it speed by. Life is boring boring boring. Work and my puppies are the highlights of my days. how sad is that? I'm still trying to find an affordable rental house... not having any luck at all. Soon I'll be living in a box on the corner. Maybe I can camp out in the
dogpark on base. haha.