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Think a thunk with me

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From Twitter 05-05-2011

  • 06:28:37: $3.83. Ugh! (@ NFL Exxon) http://4sq.com/jBPfYy
  • 07:15:23: @gianinal figures after I filled up I saw one for $3.82.
  • 07:16:30: With heightened security, it is taking me so long to get in to work in the morning. They need to figure out a more efficient procedure.
  • 08:09:47: I'm getting more and more certain that pharmacy got the instructions wrong. Everything I read says 3-4 times a day & not to take beyond 3wks
  • 08:11:30: So why would dr give me Rx for 90 days all told w/ only once per day? Can't wait until office or pharmacy opens so I can find out what to do
  • 09:11:18: Grr. Pharmacy tech is very rude. I wanted to maKe sure new Rx is right & she gives me attitude? Nice. Now I'll have to try to talk to Dr.
  • 09:54:14: Great. Dr isn't in until afternoon so do I take 1 or wait all the way until bedtime. Screw it. I'm taking one and then I will be a day short
  • 09:55:43: I've taken this muscle relaxer in the past and it was always 3 times per day for like 2 weeks. Studies show it isn't effective beyond that
  • 10:03:45: @coreyann I spoke to pharmacy and they said the new written Rx the doctor sent specifically says 1 at bedtime & I can come see it.
  • 10:04:41: @MickiD216 might be that Dr just wrote it wrong, but I can't find out until he's in and pain isn't any better.
  • 10:25:55: Hopefully when Dr finally gets in today he will have my xrays too. I want to know how those came ou.
  • 10:36:11: Figures. Last night "may cause drowsiness" meant staring at ceiling all night. Today however it means being totally unable to keep eyes open
  • 11:05:47: One hour until lunch. Trying to decide what I want or where I want to go
  • 12:09:22: Tacos!!!!
  • 13:39:47: @mbhj I didn't have to. I had tacos in our cafeteria. Yummmm!
  • 13:43:50: @mbhj it was very yummy!
  • 13:46:16: Ok, Mr. Doctor Man-why aren't you calling me back? I tried calling again & was put on hold. I can't just sit on hold all day-Have work to do
  • 14:01:12: @StefSoleil or me. I get annoyed with that too.
  • 14:43:34: Trying to decide if I should take a 2nd muscle relaxer. I hurt but if it is just 1 a day I don't want to ignore the directions
  • 15:04:57: I hate it when people suddenly start talking extremely quietly when I'm in the middle of eavesdropping on their conversation! Lol
  • 17:36:03: Doc wasn't available but he left note for me. Xrays showed arthritis. Rx was right w/1 at night & even tho pain is worse, have to wait 2 wks
  • 17:36:52: If no better in 2 weeks, than I need to see him again and he will schedule an MRI.
  • 18:38:06: @gianinal thanks. dr's office just called back &he is going to put me on a steroid for a couple weeks & said I should feel better w/in days
  • 18:46:29: Back to the pharmacy I go... well in a few minutes. I don't want to get down there and have to wait long for them to finish
  • 18:47:48: @gianinal The bad part is that it's not JUST the arthritis... I'm also having the chronic muscle spasms too. Don't know which caused which
  • 19:49:51: Took the pups for a ride to pharmacy. Had to wait a few for Rx to be filled but the cute pharmacist was there so I didn't mind.
  • 20:01:12: I am watching The Big Bang Theory (w/125 others) http://bit.ly/hHB4R3 @GetGlue #TheBigBangTheory
  • 20:01:14: I'm a Fan of The Big Bang Theory on @GetGlue http://bit.ly/l0x1vx
  • 20:31:48: I am watching Rules of Engagement http://bit.ly/f3Yic2 @GetGlue #RulesOfEngagement
  • 21:01:36: I am watching Bones (w/220 others) http://bit.ly/gZGWOR @GetGlue #Bones
  • 22:01:29: I am watching Star Trek: The Next Generation (w/33 others) http://bit.ly/eh3NJX @GetGlue #StarTrek
  • 22:39:20: I can't get comfortable no matter how I sit. Ughh.
  • 22:44:40: 10 Soul Stirring ♥songs♥ from Augustana. Blistering singles "Steal your Heart" & "Shot in the Dark". Listen, RT http://lx.im/1cmle - ad
  • 23:17:50: It is only 11:15 on my "Friday" night & I am ready to go up to bed. How sad. Wish the pain would lighten up some.

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