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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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From Twitter 05-03-2011

  • 08:46:26: Me thinks that more coffee is highly necessary this morning
  • 09:38:10: @mafeeuhprincess crossing fingers for ya.
  • 09:38:48: So bored. So bored. So bored.
  • 10:06:59: @mafeeuhprincess sending positive vibes your way
  • 17:54:13: Finally home. Doc thinks I have "chronic muscle spasms". Sent me for xrays. Went to pharmacy & of course there was issue w/1 of the Rx. Grr
  • 17:55:23: Got an anti-inflammatory & supposed to get a muscle relaxer but that will have to wait until tomorrow when pharmacist can verify w/Dr. Ugh.
  • 19:01:19: I am watching Little House on the Prairie http://bit.ly/jdLKGP @GetGlue #LittleHouseOnThePrairie
  • 19:22:33: Ok, this pain has got to go away... it just keeps getting worse.
  • 19:49:27: @coreyann there's a few different types of muscle relaxers. The 1 Dr wanted me on doesnt cause drowsiness but is $50 for 2 wks!! so no. haha
  • 19:50:10: @coreyann I think the other muscle relaxers are the more fun versions. haha
  • 19:57:26: @mbhj he gave 1 that has no generic & insurance won't cover it so it's over $50 for 2 wks. Pharmacist said there are alternatives for less
  • 19:58:17: @mafeeuhprincess Abnormality? you? Yeah that sounds about right! Glad to hear they don't think it's too serious. Keep us posted!
  • 20:01:00: I am watching Glee (w/1436 others) http://bit.ly/e3NV49 @GetGlue #Glee
  • 20:01:05: I earned the Rumours sticker on @GetGlue! http://bit.ly/m9sGAz
  • 20:01:23: Grr! Glee is on and my tv is going funky! It's doing the spazzing flashy thingy!
  • 20:05:20: @mafeeuhprincess Thanks, me too! Could have had it all taken care of today but doctor left by the time the pharmacist called them back
  • 20:06:18: @mbhj I figure it's not worth the troubled if Dr will ok 1 of the other options in the morning, that's fine with me.I'll pick up after work
  • 20:07:32: @mbhj No not BCBS,... Too much effort to call around as long as they can get it all handled in the morning.
  • 20:15:07: I did get 3 of brand named muscle relaxers for $8 to get through til tomorrow but so far the 1st one hasn't done a thing. I want better ones
  • 20:19:21: I do have to say I do like my new Dr. (I refuse to go back to old one for reasons too complex to write in only a few characters).
  • 21:02:02: I am watching The Voice (w/1015 others) http://bit.ly/kYou5A @GetGlue #TheVoice
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