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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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Manic Monday Morning, not-so-Manic Afternoon
Weekends fly by way too quickly. The 2-day weekends never feel long enough. I think EVERY weekend should be 3 days long (or more!
haha). I do have to say it was a pretty nice weekend over all. Saturday I met my mom at the NJ Botanical Gardens. They were having their annual plant sale. My mom bought about $55 worth of plants for her garden. Although she can't plant them yet because they are having the entire walkway redone. After browsing the plant sale, we walked around the gardens for an hour or more. We walked well over a mile and a half in total (according to my mom's trusty pedometer). (I had already walked a mile or more in the morning with the dogs too so my feetsies were feeling it!)
The gardens weren't quite as pretty yet as they will be later this month. I'm going to make a point to go back again and take more pictures. I did take a bunch on Saturday, but haven't uploaded them yet.
After we left the gardens, we were going to hit a nearby diner that I'd always wanted to try. Unfortunately it was closed so we kept driving to see what other
eateries we could find. The first one to pop up was a sushi restaurant! Eww! I figured there'd be something on the menu that I could eat. I ended up getting some Chicken thingy. It came with some weird sides! It even had 2 pieces of shrimp in a batter. I did make myself try a bite and gagged. Yucko! I still don't like shrimp. Never have, never will. There was also some white thing that my mom told me what it was, but I forget. I tried one of the two on my plate and it was squishy and yucky! I am so not a fan of anything that lives in water. Except tuna from a can. haha.
The chicken was really good though. And so was the rice and salad and soup. So overall it was a good lunch.
After lunch I went shopping to find my nephew's birthday present and to get some mother's day cards. I went to
Walmart & Toys R Us and accomplished what I set out to do. Then I went to the mall. I didn't do much there, but thought I'd look around. When I got home later, I started to weed whack a bit of the jungle that is my yard. I was sore from walking so much so I didn't get too much done. But it was a start and I got the puppy area cleared.
Yesterday I took the dogs for a long walk in the morning. I went a different direction from usual. I know Ron and I had walked that way a few times before, but now I remember why we stopped. oh my gosh. The roads I usually take are pretty
mountainy and steep, but these roads I took were ten times worse! I sure got my exercise and the dogs were worn out after the walk too! I shall save that route for days when I'm feeling extra energetic!
When we got home from the walk, I was all sweaty and my hair was a mess and all in my face. I had been toying with the idea of chopping my hair off again soon, but that was the last straw. I headed out to get my haircut. I didn't go quite as short as I was thinking about doing, but it's quite a bit shorter than it was. It was so easy to deal with this morning and my neck is no longer overheating.
I grabbed lunch yesterday at
Panera, then hit Target for a few items. On the way home I hit the liquor store and picked up some Mead! I was having a Renaissance moment. I also got a few other goodies.
Last night I did more weed whacking and mowed about half the yard. I was getting rather hungry and the bugs were, well, bugging me so I stopped. I figured that today is another day and I'll finish up after work, as long as it doesn't rain. Although it looks like the sky is clearing up so I don't think that'll be a problem.
I am loving my new hours. Last week I officially changed to 7:00 start time. So now I leave at 4:30 Monday through Thursday. (and 3:30 on Fridays that I work with every other Friday still off).
Although I have come to the conclusion that more
morons are on the road before 5. When I'd leave at 5:00, traffic would flow. Cars would go the speed limit or a little faster in their hurry to get home. Now that I leave before 5:00, I get stuck behind all the granny drivers that are in no rush to get anywhere! Seriously! I am stuck in more traffic leaving the 30 minutes early that I hit when I leave at 5. Not that I'm going to change my hours back. No way, no how. I'm just going to keep cursing out the slow-pokes! haha.
This morning was crazy here at work. I was running around all over the place. Then the rest of the day went the exact opposite direction and I've been
sooooooo bored. Oh well, only 15 more minutes! yahoo!