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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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From Twitter 04-28-2011

  • 09:40:26: Another looooooong day... ughhhh
  • 11:22:49: Yikes... there's now a tornado warning(!) for the county right next to where I am at right now...
  • 11:26:54: Correction... the tornado warning is also for the county I am in right now! I wanna go hoooome lol
  • 11:49:19: @coreyann Thanks! Right now it is POURING and the power flickered. Fun!!
  • 11:50:23: I feel bad for poor Cheyenne at home. :( She hates storms. Poor thing is probably freaking out...
  • 11:51:48: Now the tornado warning is covering the county my house is in. eep!
  • 12:08:13: @coreyann I dont think any were.actually spotted yet but the conditions are ripe for a tornado. The thunder and rain is bad enough right now
  • 14:04:48: Heehee. Got 2 more of my engineers to try the pickle gum.
  • 15:56:29: When my hrs were 7:30-5-I always got here by 7:15.Now that hrs are 7:15-4:45, I get to work by 7! May change to 7-4:30 so I'll get here 6:45
  • 16:28:59: @gianinal I can't do 6! Lol that would mean leaving home by 5! Plus my days are 9 1/2 hrs w/30 mins for lunch so i'd have to stay til 330.
  • 16:31:41: @gianinal if I ever live closer to work, maybe I'd do 630-4... but 6 would kill me haha
  • 18:34:04: I'm ready to melt... took a long walk with the dogs when I got home and it's way too hot. I need a pool or an AC unit that actually works
  • 18:34:43: Eating a salad and french fries for dinner. hehe. Interesting combo, but it is yummy!
  • 18:48:05: ah, I just love the sight of worn out doggies!
  • 19:04:16: I am watching Star Trek: The Next Generation http://bit.ly/eh3NJX @GetGlue #StarTrek
  • 19:31:05: Picked up some more caramel vodka for the weekend, but may need to have a bit of it now with my diet coke.
  • 19:34:49: @coreyann Because then I'd have to share my caramel vodka and I'm not so sure I'd be willing to do so! ha! Wish we did live closer!
  • 19:36:52: @coreyann hehe! We should plan an "online party" one night and go crazy on all the websites like the good ol' days.
  • 19:41:28: @coreyann Yes we dooooooooooooooooooo!
  • 19:52:18: @coreyann A Thursday before my Friday off would be good. then I'll have 3 days to recover. haha
  • 20:12:35: I am watching The Big Bang Theory (w/348 others) http://bit.ly/hHB4R3 @GetGlue #TheBigBangTheory
  • 20:29:01: @gianinal I never realized she was only 36. I remember her death happened when my niece was hospitalized & given a 50% chance of survival.
  • 20:31:58: I am watching Rules of Engagement http://bit.ly/f3Yic2 @GetGlue #RulesOfEngagement
  • 20:42:18: @gianinal I'm glad too. I remember watching in the hospital at her bedside. oh wow. sorry that's connected to such happy days.
  • 21:01:55: I am watching Bones (w/183 others) http://bit.ly/gZGWOR @GetGlue #Bones
  • 21:23:08: hmm... there's a helicopter flying overhead... wonder what's up with that...
  • 21:27:45: Rogue is such a cuddlebutt! She is the best doggy in the world. Cheyenne is too, but she's not as cuddly as often.
  • 22:00:08: Whoa.... total blast from the past just sent me a message on Facebook.
  • 22:04:26: @MickiD216 well I had little crush on him but he had a thing for my sis & dated 2 of my friends. lol He said he was sorry to hear about Ron
  • 22:10:04: @coreyann My ex- fiance's cousin actually. lol he had a thing for my sis and dated 2 of my friends at the time. I had a little crush on him
  • 22:17:40: @coreyann Yeah it is weird on Facebook. I looked up my highschool boyfriend once and found him, but he is too odd to contact. LOL
  • 22:18:09: @MickiD216 Yeah it was. he sure did! lol I just saw his pics of him now... he's still kinda cute but man he got old and lost a lot o'hair!
  • 22:35:42: @MickiD216 I don't know that i'd want to know either although I lost that crush when I got engaged to his cousin & glad that didn't work out

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