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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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Need more coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
I can barely keep my eyes open. I am so sleepy. And the weather isn't helping matters. The thunderstorms are making it quite a dreary day. Perfect to crawl into bed and hide until the weather passes. We actually had tornado warnings today! I haven't heard yet if any actually touched down, but I just talked to another gal here who went out to lunch. She said one of the hotels in the area had its entire roof torn off! And a big area was without power.
Yikes! I'm kind of afraid to go home later because who knows what might have happened up by my house!? I feel so bad for my puppies when it storms. Rogue's a trooper and probably sleeps through it all, but Cheyenne is a scaredy cat. She freaks out when there's thunder. Even when I'm home she curls up under my chair or right as close to me as she can get with something over her head (table, recliner, etc.) So I'm sure she's going out of her mind with all the noise today. Poor thing.
Work is kind of quiet today but my flowers smell so nice! Oh I guess I'm getting ahead of myself for those who didn't see the photos on
Facebook. Yesterday was Administrative Professionals day. I didn't really expect anything because my old and new bosses had already scheduled to take me to lunch (along with a few other chiefs and their admins). That was fine with me. However, I got more than just lunch! In the morning my old boss came over and gave me a little gift set from Bath & Body Works and a card. I thought that was so sweet! Then a little later a group of my engineers came walking over carrying a GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers in a glass vase! That was so awesome and surprising. The flowers are so pretty... roses, lilies, carnations, baby's breath, and a bunch of other different types. AND in addition to the flowers they gave me a card thanking me for all I do... inside the card was a $50 Visa gift card! The flowers were way more than generous! Add on the Visa card and wow did I feel spoiled! (And I feel the urge to go shopping!!)
Lunch was nice too, at
Charlotte's Web in Dover. My new boss drove me over and so I didn't have to deal with traffic. I couldn't decide between a few items on the menu, it all looked so good. In the end I ordered the Cajun Chicken Sandwich. SO yummy. I want to go back soon and try more items on the menu!
It is so nice to work in a position where people truly appreciate what you do and they let you know! One of my engineers is in Idaho this week and he called yesterday for the sole
purpose of wishing me a Happy Admin day! How sweet was that?
Thank heavens tomorrow is finally Friday. This has felt like one really long week. I need a nap! I can't believe though that May is almost here! Didn't we just start April? How did it disappear so quickly?

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I felt that way too today, dragging ass badly. I didn't sleep well last night due to the crazy winds (70MPH and up) and the cat sleeping on my head LOL.

Chewie was always really good with storms but our old dog Mandy was always a mess during them so I know what you mean about the doggies. I used to feel so bad for her during storms, she'd be in a closet panting away and whining. Poor thing.

That sounds like a really lovely day! They really did spoil you!! Chris almost forgot the day but I made sure he went out and got his secretaries stuff for the day yesterday - everyone else forgot but him. Ha. Although he wasn't even THAT generous! Woo!

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