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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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Just another day...
I'm not sure I have anything exciting to update about. Life is pretty much the same ol' same ol'. Ho hum dee dum. Yesterday was Easter. It was kind of lame this year. Not in a bad way, really. It was just quiet. I went to my mom's for Easter but it wasn't the same. My sister and her family weren't there because my niece is in California on vacation with her dad & stepmom and my nephew is visiting his dad in Illinois. So there were no kiddos around. Easter has always been so fun as we watch the kids look for hidden eggs. My parents always hid tons of plastic eggs in the yard filled with funny toys, candy and even CASH. I think that last one is what gets my niece to continue doing so even as a teenager. There were just 7 of us adults at my mom's yesterday and it felt rather lonely. It was still nice to see my aunt and uncle and my brother and his wife, but it did feel as if something was missing. My aunt was showing off her new iPad 2. I'm still not impressed. I, of course, pulled out my Samsung Galaxy Tab and showed it off as well. My sister-in-law went gaga over my Tab. She agreed with me 100% on everything I said as to the reasons I chose it over the iPad. Who knew she and I would have such similar opinions on anything! My aunt, however, is more of a Mac person so the iPad works for her. Although I saw her arm getting tired holding it up when she was showing off some of the features. It's weight and size were definitely negatives in my opinion, but I can see how some people would like the bigger screen. I just prefer more compact and easy to hold. It was funny though with us both playing with our "toys". Then my brother and his wife whipped out their cell phones (Droid X's) and had to play too. Then my uncle took out his new iPhone, which he hates, but my aunt talked him into it and now he's counting down the days to get rid of it. He says he can't type on it and it annoys him. I told him that's why I always want a phone with a slide-out keyboard. I personally NEED those keys. I get all frustrated using the touchscreen on my phone when I'm typing words. My mom recently stepped into the 21st century too and bought herself a laptop! So she had to show that off as well. Nothing like a good old fashioned technological Easter. haha. My poor step-dad hated every minute of it. He's not a fan of gadgets and gizmos that require batteries, etc. He'd probably want a rotary dial cell phone if such a thing existed.

Friday night I met my mom at Costco to pick up stuff for yesterday. We then went to the mall and she took me out to dinner. It was a fun evening although by the end of the night my legs were in serious pain. Not from shopping, but that added to it. See, earlier in the day I took the dogs for a walk and I ended up going way beyond my "usual" distance. Where I live is all mountain area and so the roads are NOT flat. They aren't even what I'd call "hilly". They are seriously steep inclines. But I was having fun and walk, walk, walked my little feet off. I should have tracked how far I went, but I didn't bother to bring anything to calculate the distance. I was beat by the the time we got home, and the dogs were drooping too. That's when you know it's a good walk! I then went to the mall before meeting my mom and walked around from one end to the other twice without really stopping to do any shopping. Then I went to Target to pick up a few things before heading to Costco, where I met mom. By the time I drove home, my legs did not want to work. I was in so much pain all weekend. Today they are finally getting back to less-achy. Although they still feel tight.

Somehow I also have a really weird booboo on the front of my left leg. I don't know what happened to cause it but when I lightly touch the area, it shoots an awful pain up my leg. It's seriously worse than any bruise I've had before and yet there's no visible bruise. It doesn't hurt when I just leave it be, but the minute even my pants rub against the area, OUCHY! I accidently tapped it on my desk earlier and I could barely breathe. It's definitely a bad thing when you injure yourself and can't even recall how you did it.

I didn't sleep at all last night. It was so hot in my house. I do have an AC unit in the window in my bedroom that's been there for 6 years and pretty much dying a slow death. It's never been powerful enough to really cool down the room, but in the past it has helped a little. I turned it on last night but it didn't work too well. I was tossing and turning and checking the clock every 10 minutes. Rogue was being so cuddly and sweet, but I could not get comfortable and hated to move around much and disturb her slumber. haha. Tonight I shall try my best to go to bed early. I need sleep!

I can't wait to go home and have left over ham & potatoes. Actually I'm most looking forward to the dip. My mom and I got to try this dip at Costco the other day and it was soooo yummy that I talked her into buying it for yesterday. Everyone loved it, but there was a little left and I got to take it home. It was a yogurt dip with spinach, artichoke and cheese. It sounds funny, but wow, it is GOOD. Is it 4:45 yet? Man I want to go home.

I received 2 e-books to review over the weekend. I started reading one already and I am rather enjoying it. It's been awhile since I've written a book review. Hope I don't mess it up. haha. I want to get back into the habit of reviewing more books, even if I just randomly post them on Gather or elsewhere. I feel like my writing skills have deteriorated and I can't have that!

Not too much else going on around here. Work is going pretty good. I went to an all-day conference last Thursday. I must admit 90% of it was WAY over my head. It was an interesting learning experience though. And the food was very yummy! (It was held at a Marriott, so they're usually pretty good).

I'm still searching high and low for some place to live. No (affordable) luck yet. Seriously makes me almost wish I hadn't taken this job so that I could just pack up and leave the state entirely. But I wouldn't want to do that now. I like this job too much to give it up. In a couple of years, maybe, I'd think about transferring elsewhere, but right now I just want to stay here. I just need to find somewhere to live! Somewhere that will let me keep my sweet doggies! Is that too much to ask? I guess so because I'm having a dickens of a time even finding options. I've seen maybe 3 or 4 listings that were a bit outside my range, but nothing within my budget. Ah well... I just keep getting worried that I'm going to go home one night and there's going to be a note from the bank giving me like 2 days to move out. I started packing some things... ok, I packed ONE box and a half. haha. and that was a few weeks ago... but it's a start! haha. I need to start doing more packing so that when the word comes, I can at least shuffle things off to storage or somewhere. Don't know where I would go, but at least my things could find a place to stay.

Oh well... I try to keep hope that the right place for me is just waiting for the right time to appear, but some days hope is hard to come by. I just need to find a rich family to adopt me and my puppies. Anyone know of one?

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I know at least here they give I think it is 30 days notice and you can always seen what date your house is slated to go up online too. Not sure about there but may be worth poking around to see if your county auditor has a listing like that?

I'm sure there's probably some type of limit to how many days notice, but even if that is the law, I still have that fear that soemthing will happen and I won't know until too late... I'd just rather get out of here before it comes down to the nth hour.

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