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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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Me, Myself and I
My boss left early today and most of the branch seems to be missing in action! Well, I know most of them are in a meeting, but it sure is quiet and lonely around here this afternoon! Tomorrow will be even worse because half of my guys have their scheduled day off tomorrow.
It's been almost a week now since my new boss started. He's really nice. I think some of the team members are trying to take advantage of him being new to the position, but he seems to be handling it well, although I do see that he gets a bit stressed at times. I'm sure he's already counting down his 120 days.
Yesterday morning I fell down the stairs at home. Yes, the same stairs I fell down back in October or whenever that was... This time, fortunately, I only fell down 3-4 stairs, while that last time I tumbled down the entire flight. Not that 3-4 stars was fun, and landing on my knees on hard tile was not fun either. In the entire house there's only one place where there's real tile... and yeah, that happens to be at the foot of the stairs. So both my knees met it hard yesterday. I'm still in pain. Although today I have a weird pain in my left ankle too. I don't know where that came from. Guess the stress of the fall and all. My entire body is all stiff today too, from my feet all the way up to my back and neck. I would have actually taken yesterday off work, but I had an all day class that I couldn't miss. Well, I could have but then I would have had to pay for it, and no thank you! If you can't give 10 days notice of being unable to attend a course you either have to find a replacement or pay for the class. I wanted to attend it anyway and it was a really good course. Although I hated having to walk up 3 flights of stairs to get to the classroom! (No elevator in that building!)
I'm still sick too. The cough is horrible. I wish it would go away!!
Next week is going to be an odd work week. Friday is my scheduled day off. Thursday I have a conference to go to in East Hanover, NJ. So I'll only be at work Monday through Wednesday. My old boss talked me into signing up for the conference. but now I'm thinking that I'd rather not go. I don't want to have to drive all the way there so early in the morning and then sit in the traffic the whole way home. (it's further than my work by a good 20-30 minutes!) Ah well. It will look good on my development plan.
I'm considering changing my work hours officially to either 7:15-4:45 or 7:00 - 4:30. I'm here usually every day by 7:10, and yet I'm a
schmuck and stay until 5:00 because that's my scheduled time to leave. My boss works 6:30 - 4. That's a little tooooooooo early for me, but I could be here by 7. I think. We'll see. I think getting out at 4:30 would be great. That little bit of time would put me just ahead of traffic. We'll see. Maybe I'll just keep my hours as they are. I'll think on it some more.
I am so sleepy. I am drinking tea at the moment, but may need to get myself some coffee next.
Yesterday when I was in the Word class, one of the guys in my row spent the entire day on
Facebook! I don't know how he learned a thing in the class. I have to say that I've always felt that I am pretty knowledgeable with Microsoft Word, but I have also been self-taught in the program. I'd never had a real course in it before and all the stuff I know came from practice and trial and error. So it was nice to learn a few shortcuts and tips on how to do things differently. I want to sign up for the PowerPoint course next. I've taken the Excel, Outlook and now the Word one so far. (they each have other levels too which I want to take eventually as well). They also offer a speed reading class, which I'd really like to take. I just don't want to bombard my new boss with 1000000 different training requests all at once. haha. I've got to plan them out so I don't jam them all into the same month. I prefer having them spaced out so the information sticks with me a bit before learning more.

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Glad that the new boss is working out for the most part! At least for now... a ha ha!

I cannot believe you fell down the stairs AGAIN! You need to put nerf down over the tile! I hope the pickle band aids help. As soon as I read that on Twitter I was like hm, she needs a pickle band aid. And low and behold, they have them. There's one more item coming in your loot.

You should just change your hours, as I was reading it I was like ooo that'll get you out before traffic then you said it. Not that it'll be a LOT but I noticed a difference when I changed hours when I was a normal working slave ;) those 5 - 10 minutes extra add up!

I took one of those classes when I worked at AMR, it was the Power Point one. I know most of it but it was still REALLY interesting and I'm glad I took it. Ooo speed reading would be really awesome!

Hmm... I thought I had already replied to this... maybe LJ ate my response...

Yeah he's working out nicely. He's a very nice guy and since he doesn't know what he's doing, he always asks me how certain things are done and if I don't know or don't like the "old way" I make up how I want it done. Mwahahah!

yeah, once more down the stairs for me. I just think this house wants me gone! lol I so need to find a ranch to rent. I love the pickle band aids but I'm so afraid I'll use them all up! The 15 minute difference doesn't really cut down my time on the road, but it is nice to get home before 6.

I'm taking the PowerPoint one in July I think, or maybe it's august. I took the Word, Outlook and Excel ones so far at level 1, but really want to take intermediate and advanced too as long as the company pays for it, I can ALWAYS use the knowledge for anywhere I go in the future. I definitely want to do the speed reading too. It would be really cool.

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