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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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From Twitter 04-13-2011

  • 05:31:32: Another wonderful night of no sleep followed by a nice fall down the stairs this morning. Landed hard on my knees & arm on hard tile.
  • 07:28:55: At least the physical pain somewhat takes mind off emotional pain of knowing today is the 13th & the 13 month anniversary of Ron's passing
  • 08:27:35: Would rather be home icing my painful knees, but I have an all day training class I can't afford to miss.
  • 10:09:40: @coreyann I think the house wnts me out of it as much as I want to get out of it. Next place will have no stairs, hopefully.
  • 10:15:06: Oh man do my knees hurt! Owie owie owie... at least I'm learning lots in this Word class. Ha.
  • 11:48:29: We get a long lunch break from the class I'm in today. (@ Fatburger) http://4sq.com/hPS4la
  • 11:52:20: @mafeeuhprincess a fireman's pole would be great for getting down but mighty difficult for getting up and really hard for the dogs.
  • 12:32:25: Well back at the classroom building (@ Work) http://4sq.com/dUNt0e
  • 12:33:51: Doesn't it figure that the building my class is in has no elevator and I have to go up 3 flights of stairs on hurt knees.
  • 12:34:39: I managed to jam my thumb really hard on the railing going up the stairs. Lovely.
  • 12:42:53: @coreyann slide sounds good. An inflatable one.
  • 14:37:26: I am so tired and sore and still coughing constantly. What a day. I can barely keep my eyes open.
  • 19:05:05: I am watching Without a Trace http://bit.ly/gvrQ6F @GetGlue #WithoutATrace
  • 19:39:51: I have such a headache, on top of the knee aches and the cough and all the other wonderfully fun stuff.
  • 20:01:42: I am watching Ghost Hunters http://bit.ly/euuM8b @GetGlue #GhostHunters
  • 20:11:25: A great deal on Scrabble flash cubes. Looks fun! http://lx.im/1bMdt
  • 20:33:48: I wish China Beach was available on DVD. I heard a song on radio tonight that reminded me of that show and now I want to watch it!
  • 22:21:20: So extremely sore. Even my hair hurts. Lol
  • 22:48:46: @DarlaRae tell me about it. No good in deed.
  • 22:49:38: @coreyann for little ol' me? You shouldn't have! :)
  • 22:52:35: @Vyrdolak being sick is least of it. Falling down stairs this morning caused bumps and bruises all over, even in places I didn't know I hit
  • 22:54:12: @coreyann a smile is always welcome. :)

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