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Think a thunk with me

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From Twitter 04-06-2011

  • 05:33:43: Didn't think my throat could feel worse than it did last night... I was wrong. This morning it is way worse. :(
  • 07:23:14: Lovely. Our phones and network are down. No work for me. My emails for this week are all missing too.
  • 07:53:12: Well it is up and running again but all my emails for the past week are gone!
  • 08:23:39: Network may be up but it site as heck isn't moving very fast
  • 08:42:32: Awww. Just found out that my boss had asked her boss if she could bring me with her to her new position.
  • 08:45:05: Gargled w/salt water, had lemon tea w/extra honey, used throat lozenges and none worked. Time to try Theraflu....
  • 08:46:51: @gianinal I shall pick some of that up tonight after work to try it...
  • 08:49:36: @gianinal I thought so too-she said she may try again to request my transfer after she gets there. But maybe she'll like the guy admin there
  • 10:06:37: @coreyann I've used that in the past and it has never worked to do anything but make a gross taste in my mouth.
  • 10:08:54: @littlegrayfox can't stand aspergum. makes me gag. Or it did the 2 times I tried it. I don't think I've tried cepacol in ages-will look for
  • 10:09:54: @knightryder76 oh man... I don't mind other cold symptoms as much as thus damned pain in my throat. It refuses to be soothed
  • 10:12:23: @DarlaRae it's my Thursday.I'm over the hump. Lol
  • 10:34:20: @knightryder76 yeah. Been sucking on Halls constantly since yesterday. No help. :( ugghhhh
  • 10:36:38: @coreyann and where do I get one of those at work? No smoothie machine hiding in my desk. Lol. I ate Klondike bars last night but didnt help
  • 12:10:21: Soup for lunch (@ Panera Bread) http://4sq.com/fSYX83
  • 12:49:38: @coreyann I was going to get a smoothie at Panera but didn't want to wait field it. They are very slow at making them
  • 12:52:06: I'm at Work http://4sq.com/e0lLPc
  • 13:18:50: @coreyann I didn't see a black herry one but was tempted by the black cherry one. Lol
  • 13:26:12: Lot of talk here about the possible government shutdown. Guess I'll hear Fri if I'll be out of work for a bit. Like days off but hate no pay
  • 14:46:31: @MickiD216 I wouldn't mind 1 or 2 day shutdown but there's no way I could afford more than that. I'd be in deep trouble if it lasted longer
  • 15:00:05: @MickiD216 until they reach a decision. Could be a few days, could be a few weeks. No set amount of time. All depends on how long they take.
  • 15:35:57: So tired
    ... and throat is still killing me. I'm practically floating from all the tea I've been drinking
  • 16:01:34: Yikes. One guy here thinks we will shut down probably for a full pay period (2 weeks). Man, I hope not. I have no money to live off of if so
  • 16:03:15: A few others think we won't shut down. Hope they are right. I don't know what to think.
  • 16:41:16: @StefSoleil I don't understand it either... but sometimes I think that is how the powers-that-be want it.
  • 16:58:30: http://www.news12.com/articleDetail.jsp?articleId=278387&position=1&news_type=news Info on possible shutdown...
  • 19:02:01: @StefSoleil I know. I feel like paycheck is now resting on 5year olds who can't play well together & are threatening to take their toys home
  • 19:03:48: I am watching Without a Trace http://bit.ly/gvrQ6F @GetGlue #WithoutATrace
  • 19:05:49: I'm at Home (Hewitt) http://4sq.com/gkWwcc
  • 20:01:28: I am watching Ghost Hunters http://bit.ly/euuM8b @GetGlue #GhostHunters
  • 20:51:01: Ooh! You AND a friend can WIN A CAR each just by taking this quiz sponsored by ChaCha.com!!! http://lx.im/1bBSX - ad
  • 21:52:03: Crawling into bed. Throat still hurts bad. Now my nose is running like crazy. Ughhh.
  • 22:03:25: I am watching Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior http://bit.ly/gKPMgZ @GetGlue #CriminalMinds

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