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Think a thunk with me

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Is it 5 yet?
I'm feeling a bit
antsy... I'm a bit nervous about the possible government shut-down. I know that they've already postponed it twice and extended the date of when they had to reach the budget decision, but now we're coming down to the wire and on April 8, Friday, we could end up finding out if we'll be furloughed. A tiny part of me would love to have a day or two free. But then the smart part of me speaks up and says "hey dummy! That's time off with NO pay." Not such a good thing when I can barely make ends meet WITH my paycheck. I keep listening to people around as they talk about it. One guy is sure that we will be shut down at least for a few days but he thinks it'll be closer to a full pay period (2 weeks!!!). *gasp* I don't know what I can do for money during that time if it happens. I guess I'll be ChaCha-ing my fingers off and KGB-ing all day and all night. Well, my fingers are crossed that a decision is made tomorrow so it doesn't come down to a big mess. It sure would be interesting timing too considering Monday is when the new boss starts.
Friday is also a good day in two ways... 1 - it's my Scheduled Day off. So I won't even be here to hear when anything is announced. 2 - it's my niece's 17th birthday and she's going for her license in the morning. My sister says she's a very nervous driver and she doesn't think she'll pass. :( When I rode with her, Amanda was an awesome driver! My sis is just a crazy driver so she doesn't realize when someone is being a cautious driver. I hope my niece gets her license. Although a tiny part of me doesn't want her driving because it makes me feel OLD!
My throat has been aching since yesterday. Today it is really bad. I've been trying everything I can think of to soothe it, but nothing works.
Tomorrow our branch is taking my current boss out to lunch. We're going to an Indian restaurant in Morris Plains. It's a buffet so it should be reasonably priced and I'm sure I'll find plenty of yummy food to eat.
boss's boss asked me to take responsibility for something after my boss leaves. He said they could give the task to one of the engineers but his admin (who is the lead admin in our division) told him she'd trust me with it more! Wow! I said no problem and actually feel quite honored that they thought of little ol' me! That was on top of finding out that my boss had actually requested that I come with her to her new position! Alas, they didn't want to make so many changes at the same time (there's a few other things going on too), which I can understand. I just think it's awesome that she wanted me to go too!

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That's really awesome that your boss wanted to take you with her, who knows maybe she'll demand it when she gets there and hates her admin. Is it a neater place or just a change of scenery?

I haven't been keeping tabs on the shut down, I'm a bad citizen. That stinks that it could affect you though, I hope they work it out. I know I did see somewhere where they were saying that people still had to report to work but not work and go home - with no pay. That's BS.

I was just going to reply saying almost exactly what Corey said about the shut down, how I haven't been following the details on it and that I'm a bad citizen. Guess we think alike ;) I hope to God it doesn't result in a shutdown!

To be honest, if I didn't WORK for the government, I wouldn't have had a clue about it. I had no idea the government shut down for THREE WEEKS back in 95-96.
Fortunately no shut down yet, but they still have to formalize it all and pass it by Thursday or it could happen.

I thought it was really cool of her too and nice to mention to me. Maybe she will try to get me over that way. I don't know how much *I* would like a male admin. (Yeah she's now stuck with a guy admin!) It's not any neater really, although the building is newer, but her office is half the size.

I wouldnt pay it any attention either if it didn't directly affect me. lol Yeah some people, like Ron's dad, would have had to work during the whole shut down without pay and then get the pay later as backpay, but even that's not guaranteed they'd get it.

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