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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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From Twitter 04-05-2011

  • 06:32:57: I'm at Dunkin Donuts http://4sq.com/eEqWG0
  • 08:20:11: Rain rain go away. I would much rather have snow. But alas, I think my hopes of one more snowstorm have been crushed my mother nature.
  • 09:28:59: My throat is starting to hurt. I really do not want to get sick. Wishful thinking I fear because everyone around me has been sick sick sicky
  • 14:31:51: Been drinking tea all day and my throat doesn't feel any better. Ughhh.
  • 15:17:24: @StefSoleil I had that for lunch.
  • 15:22:07: I can feel my head starting to get stuffy. Noooooo. Do not want to be sick during the crazy transition.
  • 19:06:33: my throat hurts, my head is getting all stuffy, I'm freeeezing (even though I know it's warm in here) and I can't seem to keep my eyes open.
  • 19:57:13: I am watching Without a Trace via @gomiso. http://miso.io/8ZNM15
  • 20:16:34: I am watching NCIS via @gomiso. http://miso.io/cMEFxt
  • 22:00:45: I am watching The Good Wife http://bit.ly/glItPz @GetGlue #TheGoodWife
  • 22:02:10: Feeling worse and worse by the minute. Ughhhh. I guess I am really getting sick. Bummer.
  • 22:04:21: @coreyann I've never done that before but only because I'm overly obsessive with having my cash in hand miles before getting to drivethru
  • 22:05:52: @gianinal hope you feel better soon too. I made mistake of taking Nyquil so now I will be bouncing off walls all night
  • 22:06:24: @coreyann I am in bed but took nyquil so now I am hyper

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