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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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Look at me... I'm posting another LJ entry and it hasn't been months and months since the last one. Go me! Now that I can post via email, it makes it easier to update more often. Of course I probably SHOULDN'T be updating from work, but if I type fast I can write up an entry in just a few minutes and hopefully that's not as bad as some people playing online games from their computers. Right? That's my rationalization any way. I see people all the time shopping on Amazon or other such sites, so sending this from my optimum email is okay, I think.

Yesterday I went with my mom and her 2 friends to see "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, NJ. They always do a great job with whatever play they schedule. This one was awesome. It was so funny. If you ever get a chance to see it, I'd suggest you go. Paul Vogt was a crackup! He's always funny in the various roles I've seen him in on TV, so it didn't surprise me that he was wonderful in this musical. I had a great time.

After the play I went out to dinner with my mom and stepdad. We went to the Blackthorne in Parsippany. I had corned beef and cabbage. It was like having a 2nd St Patrick's Day. hehe. I was just in the mood for that for some reason. It was really good.

Saturday I went shopping in search of my niece's birthday present. I had already picked up a small part of her gift, but wanted more. I also had to go to Home Depot to pick up a toilet part. My main toilet broke last weekend. Originally I was annoyed and considered not bothering to fix it. How long will I be there anyway? Who knows. But after a week of running upstairs every time I had to potty, well, that soon convinced me that I should at least TRY to fix it. So I picked up the $4.28 part and did manage to fix it Saturday night. yay me! Not that I'd care to ever do that again, but at least it was a pretty easy fix compared to what it could have been.

So here we are at another Monday. it'll be my last Monday with my current boss. Bummer. She told me today that she's going to miss me. Aww. I told her to take me with her! haha. I have nothing against the new guy, but I really like my current boss. She's a great person and it's nice to have someone in my same age bracket to talk to. Alas, after this week she'll be moved to a completely different building and division so chances are I won't see her too often.

Saturday night I dreamed about Ron. It had been awhile since he'd popped into my dreams so it was "nice" to see him again. Although the dreams were very odd. It's always bittersweet to dream about him. It's nice while the dream lasts, but then waking up it is back to the harsh reality. Ah well.

I'm sleeeeeeepy... I really wish work days started later... like 4 hours later... yet I would want them to end at the same time (or earlier). haha. And I'd want the pay to stay the same (or be more). Yes, yes, I am dreaming. Ah well. Would be nice, right? I can't complain too much because I do like my job... I'd just like it more if I could sleep in a few hours every day.

Last night when I got home and turned my computer I had a moment of shock. I got a notice that someone wanted to be my friend on Facebook and what shocked me was the fact that it was Ron's dad... well, the fact that it was his dad wasn't exactly the shocker... the shock of it was in the fact that they shared the same name so when I saw that he Ronald J M... wanted to be friends, I was stunned for a moment because my first thought was of MY Ron. I thought for a second that someone was being rather sick and evil and making a page on Facebook. All this went through my mind in less than 30 seconds I'm sure, and then I realized that Ron's dad had joined Facebook. But for that one heartbeat it was rather confusing to my poor brain and heart.

I can't believe my little niece will be 17 on Friday! noooooo! I don't know how she's managed to get to be so old when I'm still only 25. haha!

My mom was saying yesterday that my grandma might come out for a visit in October. Yay! I hope she does. Although I'm also thinking of going to MN for the State Fair this year. It's been too long since I've been to the MN State Fair. I'm thinking by then I might have enough time earned to take a week off of work. Although I am still tempted by that October cruise up the east coast to Nova Scotia. MN would be cheaper and I'd get to see family and friends, but that cruise looks awesome. Maybe this year I should settle for cheap vacation since who knows where I might be living or if I'll have a roof over my head at that point.

Guess I should get back to being productive. Ta ta tater tots!

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I can sort of relate to your experience with Ron's dad wanting to friend you. After my friend Anne Fraser passed away, I contracted with her brother Andy to publish her books. The first time I got an email with "A. Fraser" in the "from" line, it made my heart stop for a couple of seconds. Then I remembered that her brother was Andy.


it is good to know that my brain isn't the only one to have that type of reaction to a mere name. but I'm sorry that you had that moment of heart-stopping too.

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I agree! And alas, I haven't had it in many eons!

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