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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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From Twitter 04-01-2011

  • 06:01:09: I am never believing weather forecasts again. They got my hopes up for snow & all we got was a pathetic excuse of barely a dusting. So sad.
  • 07:31:47: So happy it is Friday and my 8 hour day. Only have to sit here until 4:00 today and 4 can't come soon enough.
  • 09:28:16: @gianinal you are evil to steal my snow!
  • 14:47:55: Ughh. I am not a graphic designer nor do I have any desire to be artistically inclined yet here I am spending HOURS doing design stuff today
  • 14:49:11: Perhaps if they had the right program for this crap I could have been done in no time. Grrrr. As it is I will so not be done by day's end
  • 15:25:27: Was just showing off my Tab to one of my engineers. He said his fiancee wants him to get an iPad but after seeing my Tab he wants it instead
  • 15:26:07: Today is a blueberry tea type of day.
  • 18:03:28: I am watching Without a Trace, Requiem (S04E22) via @gomiso. http://miso.io/gk7Bxu
  • 18:32:42: Grrr. My internet is not working. :( I was connected ok until 20 mins ago and now can't connect at all.
  • 18:33:34: LOL. Sure, as soon as I post that complaint, the internet has returned.
  • 19:02:24: @sherrydeanne I LOVED my Nook, but upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy Tab so now I can have Nook & Kindle on one machine. :)
  • 19:03:02: @sherrydeanne My mom has the Nook Color and can't stop raving about it. Corey adores her Kindle... :)
  • 20:13:27: Oh duh me... LOL was having a blonde moment with RedGage.com but I have figured out what my issue was..
  • 20:28:01: I am watching Valentine's Day http://bit.ly/eCrTcc @GetGlue #ValentinesDay
  • 22:39:20: Spiced apple wine = YUM!
  • 22:55:26: I Just Won 9 Swag Bucks on www.swagbucks.com: http://bit.ly/i4rKq9 via @addthis
  • 23:00:57: I am watching Criminal Minds via @gomiso. http://miso.io/bfWsbY
  • 23:32:07: @Vyrdolak I just did the same thing.. but I only unfollowed 20 so far.. :)

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