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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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Peek a boo, I see you
I'm at work and posting this via email. I'm so tired. My eyeballs just do not want to stay open today. I was so drained and tired yesterday that I thought for sure I'd sleep well last night, but that was not to be... Ugh. One of these nights I have to eventually get some sleep, don't I? One would think so, but doesn't seem to be happening.
I finally got my new decals for my car today. I couldn't get new ones until I had the permanent registration and I got that on Friday from the dealer. So at lunch I went over to the visitor's center and got tags for the Vibe. I must admit I didn't stick them on straight. I didn't purposely put them on crooked, but I'm not good at crafty stuff like lining things up or making a straight line, etc. Oh well. They're stuck there now for eternity... or until they get scraped off somewhere down the road. It'll be so nice to come on to base without having to stop for a temporary pass again. Yay! Now I can use the Escape Trail or Truck Entrance to get in here in the mornings and not have to go all the way around to the main entrance. It's not a big difference time/distance wise, but it is freeing to have options.
I brought in a birthday cake for my boss today (her bday was yesterday). Plus I brought in a card and got the whole group to sign it. We had a staff meeting this morning so we had cake with the meeting. It was a really good cake! Marble cake with custard filling. Mmm! My boss is my age now... for 2 months anyway. haha. Although she's only my boss for another 2 weeks (one of which she's on vacation!) I'll miss her. She's a good boss. I'm sure the new guy will be okay too, but I'm not ready for such a change yet. I haven't been here long enough to fully get used to the way things are! Maybe that's a good thing. It's okay though because I'm pretty much a "go-with-the-flow" type of worker. I don't let things bug me at work. Some people take everything too personally.
My boss has given me awesome compliments lately. On Thursday she asked for my help with something and I had an immediate answer and was able to help her. She commented about how I would soon be in a similar position to Michele. (That's our division's Lead Admin). My boss said she wouldn't doubt if I'd be up in that type of a position sooner than any admin before! Wowie! That would be awesome in one way, but I don't know that I really want that responsibility! Ok, I do. But not toooooo soon! Today my boss complimented me again by telling me how much she and Michele like me and think I have such a great personality! She also added that Michele is very picky and doesn't like many people. I feel special! It is always nice to hear kind words from a boss. It makes you feel like you're appreciated in your position. Now if only my boss wasn't leaving me! Boo hoo!
I had a pretty good weekend. Friday I had the oil change scheduled for my Vibe. I also had heard squealing noises off and on so I wanted them to look at that too. So I brought it in and found out it needed new front brakes, pads, routers, drums, etc. I could hear the cash register cha-chinging in my mind. I walked over to a local diner while I waited (after I finished reading the book I was reading on my Tab) to kill some time. I had a taco salad. It was ok, but to me, it is not a taco salad if you just throw chili on lettuce and tomatoes and put it all in a tortilla bowl thingy. Ah well. When I got back to the dealership, my car was ready and they were typing up the forms. I braced myself for a big bill, but the grand total was NADA! They did the oil change and the brakes, etc. for free. Nice! Of course they SHOULD have done it for free since I had just purchased the car 2 weeks before, but I never assumed that they would.
After I got out of there I had my new permanent registration too so I drove over to Newton to get the state inspection done. Oh my gosh were they fast over there. I was in and out in under 5 minutes. Seriously! Never before have I gone through inspection that quickly. From there I stopped at Old Lafayette Village and wandered a few stores. I picked up a Hazelnut Cafe Au Lait from Everything Homemade. The guy working the counter had a MN Vikings sweatshirt on! I thought that was awesome. I mentioned it too and he said there's a lot of us Vikings fans in NJ, more than people would expect. So true.
Saturday Micki came to visit! My mom took us out to lunch at Harold's New York Deli in Parsippany. That place is so good, but you get soooooooo much food! I posted a picture of our desserts on Facebook and Twitter. And those slices were the JUNIOR size! I had a fun time. It was nice to have my mom finally get ot meet the Mickimesitermonstermasher. After lunch Micki and I hit Kmart, Michael's, another Michael's, the Christmas Tree Shop, Cold Stone Creamery, Dunkin Donuts, Target and then we had to get her back to the park & ride to catch her bus. I got some awesome deals at Kmart! Their clearance stuff was almost all down to $2.99!! That was also my first time at Cold Stone Creamery. I know B has often talked about it and told me to try them, but I'd never gotten around to visiting one. Oh my gosh was that ice cream good! Beyond good! It was so delicious! Now I'm craving some more.
Sunday I ran to Hallmark and then hit Petco to pick up some toys (and treats) for the dogs. Their outdoor stuff was getting kind of icky and muddy so I wanted new fun (clean!) toys for them to play with when we're outside. After that I wanted to pick up a birthday cake for my boss and first stopped at Stop & Shop, but their cakes didn't look that great. I next went to Shop Rite, but wasn't thrilled with the choices either. Their sheet cakes were either chocolate or white. So I figured I'd go to A&P and have to pick one there. They had a great selection! So I picked the abovementioned marble cake with custard filling. It had pretty flowers on it and I got those little candy letters to spell out Happy Birthday and her name. I figured that was way better than me trying to write it out with those gel thingies.
The cake was sooooooooo good! I'd highly recommend the A&P bakery. Good stuff!
Well, I shall get back to work... toodles for now.