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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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From Twitter 03-13-2011

  • 12:09:37: 1 year ago today I lost my husband, my best friend. He knew all of me & loved me as I am. Miss him so much.
  • 12:16:24: Today is also the birthday of my aunt that passed away a few months ago. Talk about double whammy.
  • 14:14:06: I am watching The Inheritance http://bit.ly/hZD4QZ (via @GetGlue) #TheInheritance
  • 15:34:10: Jeff and Kyle are coming over to say goodbye before heading back to NC.
  • 17:40:10: I think Kyle and Jeff wore out Cheyenne. She's flopped down on the couch looking very tired. hehe
  • 17:42:55: I am watching Nobel Son http://bit.ly/gPGeBx (via @GetGlue) #NobelSon
  • 18:47:56: I gave Jeff & Kyle the realistic lightsaber handles that Ron and I bought years ago. Thought they'd like to have them in memory of Ron.
  • 19:10:21: Check this song out -- The Nelson Brothers - Just Once More http://t.co/mskbjZw via @youtube
  • 20:00:36: Didn't realize until today that my friend who lost her husband 3 yrs ago lost him on 14th of March. So our "anniversaries" are 1 day apart
  • 20:06:06: @coreyann i think March as a whole should just be wiped off calendar. My friend's husband's birthday is in same week he passed away too :(
  • 20:17:23: @coreyann I agree. :( plus she has former in-law issues so her situation is very sad indeed. :(
  • 20:21:44: @coreyann Thanks. Me too. They have been better in some ways than my own family so I'm thankful to not be in my friend's position.
  • 21:01:26: I'm watching The Celebrity Apprentice (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/cSO4oa
  • 21:20:55: Does tomorrow really have to be Monday already?
  • 23:13:52: Time to try and sleep, although I'm pretty sure sleep won't find me for quite awhile.

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