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Think a thunk with me

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From Twitter 03-11-2011

  • 00:01:42: Whoa... just found a bigger house listed in the town I want to live in for waaaaaaaaaaay less than the other. Something must be wrong...
  • 00:04:08: @coreyann I sent an email to verify they mean the whole house and not just the basement or something.. we'll see.
  • 00:06:12: Hmm... just got an email back on the house that I talked about earlier today.. they are having open house on Sunday if I want to view it.
  • 00:06:54: @coreyann & @DarlaRae my mom had both my sister and I 100% potty trained by the time we were 1. Yep. ONE.
  • 00:08:10: @coreyann I want to look at the Vibe but it's supposed to be pouring rain so I don't want to drive all the way to Sussex in the rain.
  • 00:09:20: @coreyann Yeah I can't imagine how she did it. I saw my niece & nephew get trained by 2 and thought that was awesome.
  • 00:09:53: @coreyann That's fine with me... if it means I don't have to get up and interrupt the show I'm watching, diapers earlier are fine. LOL
  • 00:10:36: @coreyann Yeah it's been pouring all day today and places are flooding. Not fun to go test driving cars in.
  • 00:10:45: @coreyann I want snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 00:14:45: I'm watching The Golden Girls (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/aJ8KBP
  • 12:46:59: Just saw mr neighbor. He couldn't get to work this morning. All roads at the bottom of the mountain were closed from flooding. Yikes.
  • 12:57:47: Sky has cleared up some so I made appointment for this afternoon to go look at the Vibe. Haven't heard from Jeff though so guess I go alone
  • 13:52:21: I'm at Dunkin Donuts http://4sq.com/gSZcZA
  • 14:27:41: Getting gas. $3.31 (@ Quick Check) http://4sq.com/fyfPfx
  • 14:31:45: I'm at Walmart (230 State Route 23 N, Franklin) http://4sq.com/fJO0bG
  • 16:26:01: Test drove the Vibe. I love it! Waiting to hear what they will give me for Ford and how much they will come down on price.
  • 16:44:30: Well. Their offer for Ford is lower than I'd hoped but a little higher than I expected since it has the damage...
  • 20:07:53: I done did it. Bye-bye Explorer, Hello Vibe! on Twitpic http://t.co/W89dW98 via @AddThis
  • 20:13:09: @MickiD216 Thanks! Me too! It's got low miles and will be awesome on gas mileage.
  • 20:35:00: @coreyann Thank you! Isn't it a nice color? The car is so cool looking both inside and out! And saving $ at the gas pump will help tons.
  • 20:38:48: @gianinal Thank you! That's cool that your dad has a car that's almost the same color! It's a nice color!
  • 21:01:42: How fitting... William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet (with Leo D) is on cable tonight. That was movie Ron & I saw on our first date.
  • 21:02:33: @coreyann orange sounds funky! I saw a silver one for sale at another dealer but it wasn't AWD so I didn't bother going to drive it.
  • 21:03:39: I am watching Romeo + Juliet http://bit.ly/dEFT3x (via @GetGlue) #RomeoJuliet
  • 21:13:16: @MickiD216 Thankies!
  • 21:13:47: @coreyann Thank you! THe AWD is what sold me. According to Jeff, AWD is actually BETTER in snow than 4WD, so it was a big plus.
  • 22:38:09: I have such a headache. Ugh...
  • 23:31:30: I'm watching Blue Bloods (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/asdt4n

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