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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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From Twitter 02-24-2011

  • 08:31:13: Oh please let today go fast.
  • 09:12:21: Looks like it's going to be a long day....
  • 09:32:53: Just call me Ms. Graceful. Yep... just somehow managed to fall out of my chair and it tipped over on me when I tried to get up.
  • 10:12:08: @MickiD216 I'm ok now. But man did I hurt my legs and back. Giggle away. I'm just glad no one saw me.
  • 11:35:38: Free Brownies. Yum! One of my engineers brought in homemade Brownies for her birthday.
  • 12:07:14: @gianinal I love that too.... until my birthday arrives and then *I* will have to bring something. Lol
  • 12:46:14: @coreyann no broken bones or black eye so I guess I am ok. Lol
  • 13:48:44: Brownies and hot cocoa make a good dessert. Hope no one expects homemade on my birthday.
  • 14:23:04: This afternoon is dragging!!! It needs To speed up because I have some yummy strawberry wine waiting at home
  • 15:30:14: 2 1/2 Hours until the weekend. So far away!!
  • 16:08:03: Jesse's Girl http://bit.ly/g5EgVJ (via @GetGlue) #RickSpringfield
  • 16:43:21: I'm wearing a vamipre bandaid. Aren't you jealous? (Papercut not so fun, but bandaid is fun.)
  • 17:10:36: 50 minutes until the weekend begins. Wooing hooo
  • 17:42:32: Feeling really light-headed and shaky all of a sudden. Don't know why.. .
  • 19:11:11: @knightryder76 I drove home with the window open to get some air. Feeling a bit better but still 'off'.
  • 19:16:18: @coreyann that's what I thought at first so I ate 2 poptarts and it didn't help
  • 19:17:24: @knightryder76 have no problem at all making tonight a do nothing but relax night
  • 19:25:26: @knightryder76 i may make my whole weekend all about relaxing. hehe
  • 20:07:25: I'm watching How I Met Your Mother (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/aP6b6l
  • 20:11:36: I kind of want one... https://www.bananagiantdeal.com/Index.cgi LOL
  • 21:00:41: Shhhhhh! Time for my favorite show . (watching The Big Bang Theory S04E17 via @gomiso) http://miso.io/dtxU37
  • 21:31:50: I'm watching Rules of Engagement (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/aPk2gj
  • 22:01:14: I'm watching Royal Pains (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/ckQUKZ
  • 22:16:02: It never ceases to crack me up when one of my dogs scares herself by tooting. LOL Yes, I am 5 years old at heart. :)
  • 22:17:12: @DarlaRae Yes! It was so loud Cheyenne jumped up off the couch so fast and ran across the room. I'm still laughing!
  • 22:18:03: @DarlaRae Now she's staring at the couch as if the couch made the noise! lol She's refusing to come back up on it. LOL
  • 23:02:14: I'm watching Touched by an Angel (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/b80uZJ

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hehe! Glad someone else gets amused by it. hehe

(Deleted comment)
I think you're right about that!

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