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Think a thunk with me

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From Twitter 01-26-2011

  • 06:59:22: Every morning this week I keep waking up feeling moe and more crappy. Ughhhh.
  • 08:22:18: Wonder if we will end up getting the 6-9 inches that they are now predicting. Saw a couple flakes as I walked accross parking lot.
  • 08:52:32: Well now it is officially a winter storm warning... one place says 3-5, one says 5-7 and another says 6-9. Crazy. I want 12. Lol
  • 10:48:55: Yay. It is snowing! Of course silly me forgot to bring my boots today so I shall have cold, snowy feet when I have to clear off my car later
  • 11:10:33: Woo hoo. It's payday. Almost forgot about that with all the snow excitement. Haha. My account was getting mighty low, now tis a bit low.
  • 11:44:55: Going to need a lot more coffee to make it through the day...
  • 12:28:20: Darn snow has stopped. Wahhh.
  • 13:51:16: Finally visited the new Starbucks on base. It's so tiny!
  • 16:07:55: Looks like central NJ will get more snow than me. Wahh. Right now it's turned to rain here. All the weather folks have differing predictions
  • 17:00:22: @gianinal I want to know too. Everytime I check, I get a different story. Waiting for one to say "between 1 and 12 inches" just to cover all
  • 19:05:20: I'm watching Charmed (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/9Mqhsv
  • 19:26:43: No laptop cord yet. I didn't think it would arrive yet, but I was hoping for a miracle. haha
  • 20:27:14: My mom just called and had me laughing so hard I am crying! Oh gosh I can't stop! hahahahahahahahahaha!!
  • 21:03:32: I'm watching Little House on the Prairie (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/a3kP0k
  • 21:42:30: @gianinal OH it was silly stupid laughter but that's the best type! My mom sometimes has a really girl like sense of humor! hehe
  • 21:43:04: @MickiD216 Me too! I'm still having after effects of the giggles! Kind of like Whooppee and Tickle Tickle Wiggle Wiggle day!
  • 22:18:32: I'm watching Criminal Minds (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/bfWsbY
  • 22:30:39: And once again the weather people have changed the story... now I hear 8-14! LOL But I've gotten barely ANY yet. Mom has tons! No fair!
  • 23:00:22: @coreyann I hope so!
  • 23:05:19: I'm watching Blue Bloods (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/asdt4n
  • 23:34:58: well, our company website says they predict an ontime opening but not to arrive before 7:00. Wonder if that'll change.

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