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From Twitter 01-18-2011

  • 00:07:39: Time for bed. It doesnt sound like the winter mix is going to be bad enough to close work in the morning. Drat.
  • 06:29:03: I think we have a delayed opening but website lists the date as Jan 11 and says opening at normal time but "enclosure will open at 10" huh?
  • 06:29:14: very confused. website says we're opening on time but then says "enclosure is opening at 10" what does that mean? Phone lines not working
  • 06:36:50: @MickiD216 it doesn't look too bad out my window but no plows have come through. Going to assume 10:00 start.
  • 06:46:05: @MickiD216 doubt they will close since it is supposed to turn to rain. I just want to know for sure if 10 is ok or if I need to be in @ 730
  • 06:51:47: @MickiD216 if i have to be in at 730 but don't show up til later I will have to take vacation time to make up for it
  • 07:00:34: @MickiD216 no just when it needs to list status. They are supposed to send texts too but that system has been down for months
  • 07:05:08: They fixed date to today but still says opening regular time & employees need to report at normal time but still has enclosure opening at 10
  • 07:17:57: @MickiD216 I agree. I've been complaining about it since the first snowday.
  • 07:21:14: Great. Finally got thru to number-it says we are opening on time except for the enclosure area. WTF is the enclosure area? Well I'll be late
  • 07:25:03: Sent my boss an email explaining my confusion and let her know I'd aim to be in by 10.
  • 08:28:55: Turns out we had no delayed opening and I should be there in 2 minutes. Ha. Not happening. So I have to use vacation time.
  • 09:16:54: They still haven't plowed my road and we got at least 4 inches out there under the ice. Well must try my 4wd and head to work
  • 11:05:04: Horrible horrible ride to work! But I made it here by 930 so I just need to use 2 hours of vacation time.
  • 11:55:23: My boss got in just a bit ago. She had to bring her son because schools closed for the day.
  • 13:50:32: Cathy & I walked over to the cafeteria for lunch. Messy out there-parking lots & sidewalks are sheets of ice. Somehow I managed to not fall
  • 14:07:20: Closing at 3 today. Awesome.
  • 14:22:20: I hear there may be more snow coming on Friday
  • 14:41:32: Is it 3:00 yet?
  • 15:42:33: This has been a day from heck! Boss left hours ago and suddenly everyone had issues of the type I've never had to deal with before!
  • 17:42:20: I'm watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/b3jxPR
  • 18:23:17: I'm watching Ghost Whisperer (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/bjODHd
  • 18:26:38: @MickiD216 nope not Mikeyman. I'm watching it on We.
  • 18:34:10: @MickiD216 oooh! I'm glad you were able to catch the MikeyMan one! i just saw it not too long ago so I'm watching this other one.
  • 19:02:02: I'm watching Charmed (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/9Mqhsv
  • 21:02:10: I'm watching NCIS (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/cMEFxt
  • 22:00:22: ACK! White Collar returns tonight BUT at the same time as The Good Wife! Oh woe is me! What to watch!
  • 22:01:56: I'm watching NCIS: Los Angeles (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/bI8giC
  • 22:12:28: @MickiD216 White Collar is on at 10 too. I can't see both.
  • 22:15:38: @MickiD216 Nope,, according to my TV guide it's on at 10:00. Right now Indiana Jones is on USA.
  • 22:17:47: @MickiD216 Yep, just put on USA and it's Indiana Jones. So you're recording that hehe
  • 22:18:14: @MickiD216 I love Royal Pains. But that's on at 11.
  • 22:19:24: @MickiD216 Me thinks your recording device is an hour off. LOL
  • 22:20:48: Boo hoo... drinking the last of my Merry's Strawberry Irish Cream. hope I can find more somewhere!
  • 22:22:39: @MickiD216 At least you figured it out and can change it so it records correctly, right?
  • 22:23:16: @MickiD216 Very strange! I'm so glad I mentioned something so you were able to notice. Matt Bomer was on Ellen today looking soooo good!
  • 22:23:53: @MickiD216 I love Royal Pains. I didn't think I would at first, but I was hooked right away.
  • 23:02:24: Sorry Good Wife but Matt Bomer wins. (watching White Collar via @gomiso) http://miso.io/cXNTro

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