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From Twitter 01-16-2011

  • 01:01:38: I'm watching Saturday Night Live (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/b2q8Qq
  • 02:29:53: Time to try and sleep. This weekend is moving way too fast.
  • 13:06:47: The best part about weekends is getting to freeze my tushy off outside while playing with the dogs. Hehe
  • 14:19:20: I'm watching NFL: Chicago Bears vs Seattle Seahawks (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/cv5lad
  • 17:36:57: I'm watching NFL AFC Divisional: New York Jets vs. New England Patriots (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/gQTT1g
  • 17:36:57: I was just awarded the "Second String" badge on @gomiso http://miso.io/hLR4Dc
  • 17:39:29: I'm secretly cheering for the Jets.. but shhh.. don't tell my stepdad. Actually I'm not a fan of either team so it doesn't matter much.
  • 18:06:15: @gianinal :-p right back at'cha! hehe
  • 20:48:40: @gianinal Nope, there's 2 of us. I don't think he's even a teeny tiny bit attractive.
  • 20:59:35: I'm watching The Golden Globes 2011 (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/hHQeZB
  • 21:00:59: Drink of the night: Merrys Strawberry Cream Liqueur and milk! YUM! Tastes like Strawberry Quik with a kick!
  • 21:35:29: Love Steve Buscemi! YAY! Although I would have been happy if Hugh Laurie won too. :)
  • 21:37:47: @coreyann Did ya? Cool! :)
  • 21:44:47: @c0reyann lol!
  • 21:45:36: @c0reyann Wasn't me! That was mighty rude of them.
  • 21:56:20: @coreyann I was just thinking of typing that same tweet when I saw the commercial for her new show.
  • 22:02:52: @coreyann He was so amusing!
  • 22:07:11: @gianinal I think he's a hoot too!
  • 22:09:26: ooh just heard "another winter storm is headed our way". Guess I'll have to watch the news later to find out when!
  • 22:11:54: @MickiD216 booo... no rain! i want lots of snow to get more time off.
  • 22:12:16: @gianinal Sounds like we'll get a mix too. Bummer
  • 22:17:27: Yay Claire Danes. She deserves that award, although she looks like she could use a burger or ten! She's a twig!
  • 22:23:13: @gianinal @coreyann I agree... you should definitely see it Corey.
  • 22:31:16: I love Jane Lynch... although I've never even seen one episode of Glee.
  • 22:32:00: ooh shot of Chris Noth. Yum times a billion.
  • 22:40:39: @MickiD216 Well, I didn't want to go overboard. :)
  • 22:49:01: Yay yay yay! Jim Parsons! Awesome. He's hysterical.
  • 23:00:11: Matt Damon is too cute.
  • 23:08:37: Robert De Niro is amusing as heck! hehe.
  • 23:12:15: I MUST see Gnomeo & Juliet!! hehe
  • 23:13:05: @coreyann I thought it was a fake movie preview at first! LOL
  • 23:21:10: @gianinal Nope... I've never seen a single episode either. :)
  • 23:40:41: @coreyann I think she was born Natalie, but I think Portman isn't her given last name.
  • 23:44:19: @coreyann You could be right. IMDB has Natalie as her birth name, but who knows how accurate that is http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000204/bio
  • 23:47:49: YAY! Colin Firth! Haven't seen the movie, but he's just awesome.
  • 23:59:10: @coreyann I'm going to pass on it. I've had no desire to see that movie and still don't have any wish to see it.

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