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Think a thunk with me

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From Twitter 01-12-2011

  • 00:14:48: Guess I shall go to bed
  • 05:43:27: Woo hopping we are closed today. Now if the plows would stop being so noisy so I can sleep
  • 13:16:25: Disappointed with the snow storm. (Although happy that they closed work). I wanted more, but think we only ended up with maybe 5 inches.
  • 13:26:54: @stacey79 Great! Send as much as you can! i'll take it all!
  • 13:30:02: I'm watching Star Trek: The Next Generation (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/cMCVxZ
  • 13:47:02: @stacey79 woo hoo! I eagerly await its arrival!
  • 13:47:31: @coreyann Silly weather people. I'm just afraid next time no one's going to believe them and then I'll have to go into work during bad snow.
  • 14:33:39: @coreyann Could be... although that area usually gets less than up here, but who knows. Maybe they did get hit harder.
  • 14:34:14: WOO HOO! My Tastefully Simple order arrived. Perfect day to make Potato Soup! I think I shall do that for dinner.
  • 16:21:09: @StacysTS Me too. I love potato soup but this is my first time trying Tastefully Simple. I'm sure it's awesome!
  • 18:31:59: Making potato soup. mmmm!
  • 20:04:42: I'm watching Ghost Hunters (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/cVISgy
  • 20:13:14: Brr... I'm cold and my back hurts. could go for a nap but bedtime will be soon enough. 1 work day & then 4 day weekend! Yippee!
  • 20:55:11: Grr laptop keeps being a putz. It just went totally black. Earlier it was flickering crazily. Sheesh
  • 21:07:29: I'm watching Little House on the Prairie (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/a3kP0k
  • 21:14:35: Now laptop won't load up at all!! Stupid thing.
  • 21:49:39: My pretty puppy http://t.co/PYMhCnK via @AddThis
  • 21:54:49: ok, laptop is somewhat working again... just very slowly.
  • 22:03:00: I'm watching Ghost Hunters International (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/d4uzgu
  • 22:47:37: @MickiD216 it is frustrating me. I so need to set up my email on my Tab so that when my laptop is annoying I can use that fully
  • 22:48:28: Wow. The wind is intense out there. I thought Rogue, Cheyenne and I were going to blow away!
  • 22:51:11: @coreyann it is beyond chilly! It is downright frigid!!!
  • 22:51:46: @MickiD216 I shall do that shortly! It is annoying me to no end!
  • 23:22:20: @gianinal we've had lots of bad winds too but I think this us the worst we've had yet.
  • 23:22:32: @MickiD216 I agree!
  • 23:34:12: @MickiD216 so true. I am setting up emails on Tab now
  • 23:52:40: Time for bed...

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