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Think a thunk with me

An amazing journey through an ordinary life

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From Twitter 01-01-2011

  • 00:14:47: @coreyann I bought cheap non fancy champagne. Now I need to figure out HOW to open it...
  • 00:17:46: @coreyann I think it has a cork but aren't champagne corks different than wine corks? I have a wine opener but never opened champagne b4
  • 00:19:17: @coreyann I figured that much! LOL
  • 00:19:30: @coreyann Ok... hope I (or the dogs) don't lose an eyeball! :-o
  • 00:20:50: If anyone hears screaming in a little while it's because I poked my eye out w/a champagne cork! LOL (first time opening champagne on my own)
  • 00:25:30: I did it. I did it. I opened the champagne all on my own! I'm a big girl now! LOL
  • 00:26:14: @coreyann You should be! haha. I went into the other room so that I was far away from windows and dogs... Lol
  • 00:30:23: @Vyrdolak Cheers to you too! I haven't seen Avatar yet. Wish I had a stationary bike or treadmill or some such object.
  • 00:40:26: Grrrrr! Mom just called me to tell me NKOTB & BSB were on channel 7 (which I already had on) & then talked through the whole beginning!
  • 00:50:55: Well, down to 10 minutes...
  • 01:03:10: It's officially 2011 ... happy New Year to all...
  • 01:06:34: Greeted 2011 with lots of puppy kisses. :-)
  • 01:57:13: @coreyann yes. yes you should. lol
  • 02:02:44: @coreyann Lol. that's nothing bad. I was dancing with Rogue when NKOTBSB were on. hehe. Cheyenne ran away but Rogue was ready to boogie
  • 02:04:21: @coreyann Rogue is awesome like that. hehe.
  • 02:12:03: Taking the dogs out for their first potty of the new year. LOL Too much info? probably but it made me giggle to think about it.
  • 02:14:03: @coreyann Funny that you say that-when we first got Rogue, one name that Ron and I somewhat considered was Fancy Pants. We laughed so hard
  • 02:33:57: http://twitpic.com/3lx2ll yay. My xmas gift from B arrived today. (She sent me amazon gift card & I used it for this)
  • 02:38:57: @coreyann do you really even have to ask?
  • 02:39:57: @DarlaRae a lady? Where? Lol. Happy new year to you too.
  • 02:45:36: Happy 2011.
  • 02:49:04: @coreyann whoops. Lol. That wasnt supposed to post anywhere. Was playing w/Tab and wanted that as status on AIM lol
  • 02:49:37: @c0reyann yay. Hehe. Drunk Corey tweets are fun.
  • 02:56:45: @c0reyann that sucks that he might have to go to work but yay that you dont hahaha
  • 02:57:07: @c0reyann more more more
  • 02:59:00: @coreyann moi? Instigate? Never. Mwahaha.
  • 03:06:57: @coreyann bullpucky? Lol!
  • 03:15:01: @c0reyann hehehe
  • 03:26:55: @c0reyann you always make more sense sideways
  • 03:42:54: @coreyann good night and happy new year.
  • 03:48:00: Guess I should get some sleep. Although my Samsung Galaxy Tab is way too addicting. I want to stay up & keep playing.
  • 03:59:26: Ok 'tis almost 3:00. Really is time to sleep. Good night.
  • 09:02:25: @Vyrdolak me too!
  • 12:35:49: It is so gorgeous outside. Are we sure it is January?
  • 15:37:26: Don't these look yummy? http://twitpic.com/3m3itu
  • 18:30:19: I'm watching Family Guy Presents: It's A Trap! (via @gomiso) http://miso.io/fZs1X6
  • 19:30:13: The Duel (watching Horatio Hornblower via @gomiso) http://miso.io/cI1OaE
  • 21:11:09: The Fire Ships (watching Horatio Hornblower via @gomiso) http://miso.io/cI1OaE
  • 22:57:25: The Dutchess & The Devil (watching Horatio Hornblower via @gomiso) http://miso.io/cI1OaE
  • 23:07:53: Must admit that I ordered the Horatio Hornblower DVDs w/out having previously seen them. I just like Ioan Gruffudd. I am hooked already!
  • 23:39:44: @coreyann he is verrrrrry yummy. And a good actor to boot. This series is really good.

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